Is an interim career for me?

first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Is an interim career for me?On 7 Aug 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Iam a senior HR manager for a medium-sized company. I have read a lot recentlyabout interim management and am quite attracted to the idea. What could Iexpect from a career in this field, and how do I know if it’s for me? VicDaniels, director of Carr Lyons, writes:Moreand more people are taking time out to undertake interim work, both in HR andgenerally in business as a whole. The benefits are that you get the opportunityto experience different cultures, do not tend to get bogged down in office orcorporate politics and will enjoy a greater sense of freedom.Onthe downside, it can be a lonely life and you will need to hit the groundrunning. You will have no bedding-in period and will be expected to add valuefrom day one. It really is a question of personality. If you areself-motivated, work well under your own steam and can interact with people atall levels, you should be ok. It can be an enriching experience, although youdo need to bear in mind that you may be more vulnerable in an interim capacityin the event that there is further deterioration in the economy.MargartMalpas, joint managing director, Malpas Flexible Learning, writes:Putit this way: do you invest money in the stock market or in National Savings? Ifyou prefer safer options, interim management may not be for you.Manysenior interim posts give you the chance to deliver results quickly, work in avariety of industries and maybe cross from the public to the private sector andvice versa.Soif you are looking for excitement, variety and challenge, this could be themove for you. Butyou will be expected to hit the ground running, quickly grasp the key businessissues, and build strong relationships in double quick time – yet still beprepared to challenge. To build a good reputation in the interim managementindustry you will need to deliver results fast.Onthe other hand, some companies merely want someone to tide things over whilethe original job holder is on sabbatical or parental leave. These positions maystill give you variety but will not challenge you to the same extent. Theremust have been something that has caught your eye about interim management andattracted you to it. Try to work out exactly what this is before making a move.Interim management isn’t for everyone.Useyour networks to see if any of your friends have done this kind of work. Ifyour network doesn’t turn up anyone, try going to your CIPD branch meeting.Contact some interim management recruitment consultants. Find out what skillsand attributes they are looking for. A flick through the back pages of PersonnelToday will give you many leads.LindaAitken, consultant at Chiumento Consulting Group, writes:Becomingan interim manager is a career choice made by a person who chooses to become anindependent worker. You must have a burning desire to own and run your ownbusiness and be very sure that you possess skills that are marketable and whatorganisations want. Theprospect of working on a variety of assignments and with differentorganisations is very attractive but anyone entering into interim has to berealistic about the difference in status from being an employee. Notably theshort term nature of most contracts could mean periods of unemployment. If youare the sort of person who needs relative job security and a regular level ofincome then this will not be for you. Anideal interim candidate has a high level of independence, the ability to relateand influence quickly and an in-depth knowledge of the type of business theyare going to assist. To be faced with these challenges on a regular basis callsfor a special type of personality and it maybe that psychometrics can helpestablish if you are suitable.last_img read more

Two Utah Beach Volleyball Stars Make Pac-12 2nd Team

first_imgMay 4, 2018 /Sports News – Local Two Utah Beach Volleyball Stars Make Pac-12 2nd Team Brad James Tags: Adora Anae/August Raskie/Dani Barton/Lindsey Vander Weide/Nele Barber/Sasha Karelov/Utah Beach Volleyball FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSALT LAKE CITY-Earlier this week, a pair of Utah beach volleyball standouts made the All-Pac 12 second team as released by the Pac-12 conference.Senior Adora Anae and sophomore Dani Barton were each named to the squad while this marks Barton’s second-consecutive second-team honor after being named all Pac-12 last season. This is Anae’s first time making an all Pac-12 beach volleyball squad.Anae and Barton served as the Utes’ top pairing all season, posting a 10-7 overall record, including a 1-2 record in last week’s Pac-12 championship tournament.Anae and Barton first won against Loyola Marymount’s #1 pairing, as ranked by the Web site and Barton then concluded the regular season with seven straight dual victories and won an eighth straight by besting Oregon’s Lindsey Vander Weide and August Raskie in the Pac-12 championships.Their best win of the season came in a two-set win over Long Beach State’s Nele Barber and Sasha Karelov, the #13 ranked team in the nation at the time.The Utes went 5-12 overall on the season, their best mark in school history, after winning two matches the previous season, which was their inaugural campaign. Written bylast_img read more

World Cup star Christen Press was ready for ‘shooting star moment’ in semifinal match against England

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailTwitter/@ChristenPress(AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands) — Christen Press had “no expectations” coming into this World Cup, but when she stepped on the field for teammate Megan Rapinoe and scored the opening goal of the semifinal win over England, she knew all the years of hard work would have prepared.“We prepare for four years for these very small and short shooting star moments and I knew I was ready,” the 30-year-old forward told “Good Morning America” of her second start in this World Cup tournament.Press’ header to the top left corner of the net off a cross from Kelley O’Hara continued the team’s record of scoring within the first 12 minutes in all six of their 2019 Women’s World Cup games. Her goal came in the 10th minute of Tuesday’s match.“It’s obvious there’s no filling Megan Rapinoe’s shoes and it was important for me to not try to do that,” Press explained. “It’s just about being my best self and believing that I have everything I need inside of me, that I’m good enough, and that I was ready for that moment. And I was excited to have the opportunity to represent my family, my country and all the fans that are here supporting us.”Press’ father Cody had an amazing reaction to his daughter’s opening goal, and his celebration captured on video has felt the love on Twitter with over 19,000 likes.“I think it takes a lot of determination and belief to be there, for the ball to find you in the box, for you to be able to execute when the team needs you and I think that’s what I was feeling. I was feeling gratitude for the people who helped me get to where I am and belief in my team and in our goal.”Press continued, “My approach to this World Cup has just been to have no expectations, no attachments, to be ready for anything whatever my role is, whatever the game needs, to serve the team.”When it comes time for Team USA to take on the Netherlands on Sunday, Press said she doesn’t know if she will be in the starting lineup but is ready for anything.“Whatever role I’m given on the finals I’m gonna be ready. I think that all the girls feel that way,” she said. “Whatever the team needs we’re here to deliver and to win the World Cup, that’s the only thing that matters.”The U.S. Women’s National Team’s joint-leading goal scorer missed play Tuesday due to a hamstring injury and Rapinoe told ESPN it was “feeling very good” and expects to play on Sunday.Press also addressed the controversy that surrounded the team for their goal celebrations. She said if it were a men’s team there would not be the same level of backlash.“We’re not remiss to notice that the criticism and the attention is quite different than it is from the men,” she said. “I think that the stakes are always heightened in the World Cup and things are dramatized, I think that I myself have really stayed outside of all of that type of coverage and that’s really important to me to deliver on what my team needs from me.”Press said the team enjoyed their day off and are “recovering mentally and physically” but they will serve as each other’s support through to the end.“What takes us through the game against the Netherlands is the same determination and focus, we’re a team on a mission. I’ve been so blown away by the resilience and the grit of my teammates,” she said. “They’re my inspiration, we’re each others inspiration and we’ll carry each other through the finals as well.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved. July 4, 2019 /Sports News – National World Cup star Christen Press was ready for ‘shooting star moment’ in semifinal match against England Written bycenter_img Beau Lundlast_img read more

Police Activity Report for 1/31-2/6

first_imgMotor vehicle accident, 22nd St & Bay Ave., at 1:05pmFebruary 3, 2016: WednesdayCalls for service: 68Motor Vehicle Stops: 20     Motor Vehicle Accidents: 0   Property Checks: 20      Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 4 fire and 7 EMS callsTheft, Walnut Rd., at 1:03pmBurglary, 600 block 1st Street, at 2:43pm February 4, 2016: ThursdayCalls for service: 54Motor Vehicle Stops: 19 Motor Vehicle Accidents: 2   Property Checks: 14       Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 7 fire and 3 EMS callsMotor vehicle accident, 9th St. & Asbury Ave., at 3:02pmMotor vehicle accident, 3400 block Simpson Ave., at 4:27pm February 5, 2016: FridayCalls for service: 80Motor Vehicle Stops: 24  Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1  Property Checks: 29   Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 3 fire and 3 EMS calls Weekly Activity ReportJanuary 31, 2016 – February 6, 2016         Calls for Service: 502            Daily Average: 72 January 31, 2016: Sunday                                                Calls for service: 66Motor Vehicle Stops: 12     Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1    Property Checks: 15      Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 1 Fire and 0 EMS callsTheft, Battersea Rd., at 8:22amTheft, 900 block Haven Ave., at 9:26pmMotor vehicle accident, 10th St. & Wesley Ave., at 11:27pmFebruary 1, 2016: Monday Motor Vehicle Stops: 24   Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 24      Alarms: 2Calls for service: 79The Police Department assisted with 8 Fire and 6 EMS callsCDS, North Point Rd., one in custody, at 7:58am City Ordinance 87-17sec.4-32 prohibits any Boat/Trailer over 22 feet in overall length from being parked on a city street.       Any boat/trailer less than 22 feet in overall length can only remain on a city street for three consecutive days. Officers will be issuing summons and towing boats/trailers for any observed violations. Warrant, 34th St., one in custody, at 4:41pm Domestic violence, 400 block Bay Ave., at 10:03am Warrant, 800 block Central Ave., one in custody, at 1:36pm February 2, 2016: TuesdayCalls for service: 49Motor Vehicle Stops: 9     Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1     Property Checks: 18     Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 6 fire and 7 EMS calls Motor vehicle accident, 500 block 9th St., at 9:00am Threats, 500 block Atlantic Ave., at 2:15pm Motor vehicle accident, Battersea Rd., at 3:50pm Warrant, 900 block Wesley Ave., one in custody, at 12:09pm Please remember that during the winter months all outside water should be shut off and drained. Also your interior heat should be set at a temperature that will keep your pipes from freezing. Warrant, 400 block West Ave., one in custody, at 12:52pm Warrant, 2400 block West Ave., at 11:49pmFebruary 6, 2016: Saturday Calls for service: 106Motor Vehicle Stops: 54  Motor Vehicle Accidents: 1  Property Checks: 24    Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted with 1 fire and 0 EMS callsMotor vehicle accident,3400 block Bay Ave., at 9:54amTheft, 100 block Central Ave., at 10:26amTheft, 1600 block Simpson Ave., at 1:00pmPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS:Just a reminder that it is a violation of a City Ordinance to have dogs on the boardwalk anytime during the year.last_img read more

Raising the bar

first_imgI can now declare Sainsbury’s Bakery College officially open, said regional MD Anthony Hemmerdinger or words to that effect, as three bakery apprentices held up the red ribbon and bread chain, cut on 26 May.Hemmerdinger told those gathered for the opening that bakery was a hugely important category for Sainsbury’s, albeit one of the most complex in terms of training. “It will really enable us to raise the bar with the consistency and the quality of the products we produce each day,” he said of the new facility the first UK supermarket bakery college based at Whit-worth’s Mill in Wellingborough.All 1,500 of Sainsbury’s bakery colleagues at its 412 in-store bakeries will have the opportunity to take part in a training programme at the college of these, 400 are bakery managers and 300 are apprentices. Its bakery managers were first in the door, with the first accepted on the two-day manager’s course in December 2009. The five-day course for new bakers kicked off in April.”The main reason for opening the college was to create an environment that was conducive to training,” explained John Hunt, part of the learning and development team. “It ensures we have a practical as well as theoretical environment.”The two-day course is approximately a 60/40 split for theory/production, whereas the five-day is around a 70/30 production/theory split. Hunt said the two-day workshop for managers is much more behaviour-based than the course for new bakers, which looks at the whole process of baking. “By the end of the week the new bakers will be making the products they would do in-store,” he explained.The workshop includes a tour of the mill to learn about flour, the biology behind yeast, hand-rolling, how to do a mix and what to do when things go wrong, and how to make rolls, French sticks and other breads that would be made in Sainsbury’s ISBs.Quicker qualificationsSainsbury’s has said the college will enable apprentices to halve the time it takes for them to complete the NVQ aspect of their training, as well as giving them a head-start on acquiring job-related qualifications.Sainsbury’s category manager for bakery Kim Brown said that although the bakers were primarily being trained to make goods that would go into Sainsbury’s stores, they would also learn transferable skills that could be used in all areas of bakery. “The sole aim has been to raise the bar when it comes to quality and consistency across the estate,” she said.Brown added where its bakers had previously been trained in the live bakery environment, the college would allow a more experimental approach. For example, errors are baked through to illustrate what problems can arise and how they can be avoided.Bakery coach Simon Herbert, who has undertaken the two-day course to see what his bakery managers will be learning, said when you’re working in-store, you are focused on sales, customers and getting the products on the shelves. Being able to take a step back from it all and make sure you’ve got the right skills is really worthwhile, he added.Field trainer Hannah Carter added: “It allows us to give the ’why’. We talk about what the ingredients do, what it’s supposed to look and feel like,” she said.Head of learning and development Sue Round said the five-day course would hopefully inspire a deeper interest in bread. “We see bakery as key to our commercial strategy. By having such a unique facility, we can get everyone trained in the same way, so that our customers get a consistent experience,” she said. “There has been a shortage of trained bakers, so we’re growing our own.”last_img read more

Finsbury disputes recovery costs after dioxin scare

first_imgFinsbury Foods is disputing recovery costs after its Memory Lane cakes were recalled from supermarket shelves during the egg dioxin scare.It said the fact that there was no public health risk had led its insurer to challenge recovery of any associated withdrawal costs. “We are currently in discussions with the insurer, retailers and the egg supplier to resolve the issue.”Rebecca Tinham, head of dispute resolution at Vertex Law, which specialises in providing legal services to the food industry, said someone ultimately had to bear the cost of withdrawing products. “Whether or not insurers pick up the bill will depend on the specific policy terms regulating the relationship between insurer and insured.”She added: “It is not uncommon for suppliers that have sustained a loss in similar circumstances to weigh up the costs, risks and likely success of a claim for reimbursement from insurers or those that supplied the goods.”Finsbury admitted to having a “challenging start” to the second half of its financial year, ended 1 January. The manufacturer’s larger cake division was up 3.2% on the first half but needed more support to remain competitive and deliver growth.>>’Buy British’ plea to bakers after egg scarelast_img read more

I-86 Westbound Exit 13 Closed For Hours Following Truck Rollover

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) FALCONER – A single Tractor-Trailer accident led to the closure of the I-86 westbound off ramp towards Falconer Wednesday morning.There is no word as to any injuries or a cause of the crash. Crews are currently finishing the cleanup at the scene.The Falconer Fire Department, Chautauqua County Health and Human Services, New York State Police and Ellicott Police Department assisted on scene. last_img read more

EU seals deal with Pfizer-BioNTech for 300 mln doses of Covid vaccine

first_imgThe European Commission said on Wednesday it had sealed a deal with Pfizer and BioNTech for the supply of up to 300 million doses of their Covid-19 vaccine candidate.The move follows Pfizer’s announcement on Monday that its experimental vaccine developed with BioNTech was more than 90% effective, making them the first drugmakers to show successful interim data from a large-scale clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine.Under the EU deal, the 27 EU countries could buy 200 million doses, and have an option to purchase another 100 million.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Under the Pfizer-BioNtech deal, the 27 EU countries could buy 200 million doses, and have an option to purchase another 100 million.NurPhoto | Getty Images The EU has already signed supply deals with AstraZeneca, Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson for their experimental Covid-19 shots, and is talking with Moderna, CureVac and Novavax to secure their vaccines. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Wildlife agency rescues ensnared tiger in Riau pulp plantation

first_imgThe agency dispatched a rescue team, which included medical personnel, at 7 p.m.After traveling over land and water for more than two hours, the team joined the field officers of Region I section of BKSDA Riau and the workers of RAPP at the RAPP office.“That night, the team prepared to carry out an evacuation the next morning,” Suharyono said.The team arrived at the tiger’s location at 12:30 p.m. “They immediately anesthetized the tiger, cut the wire trap ensnaring the tiger’s leg and gave first aid to the open wound on the tiger’s right front leg,” said Suharyono.The female tiger is 1.7 meters long and is estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old.“We estimated that the tiger had been trapped for three days as its wounds are pretty severe. Therefore, we decided to evacuate the tiger [instead of releasing the animal],” he said.The tiger was sent to be treated at the Sumatran Tiger Rehabilitation Center (PRHSD) in Dharmasraya regency, West Sumatra. (aly)Topics : The Riau Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA Riau) rescued a female Sumatran tiger that had been severely wounded by a poacher’s snare at a pulp plantation in Pelalawan regency, Riau on Sunday.The agency received a report on the snared tiger from the PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) Estate Meranti on Saturday afternoon, after the company’s field officers found the tiger on the outskirts of the plantation.“The field officers [of RAPP] kept an eye on the tiger’s condition from a safe distance,” BKSDA Riau head Suharyono said on Monday.last_img read more

MRT Jakarta delays phase 2 construction amid COVID-19 outbreak

first_imgThe COVID-19 outbreak has forced city-owned transportation company PT MRT Jakarta to postpone construction of phase 2 of the Jakarta MRT.MRT Jakarta, the operator of the country’s first subway service, plans to commence construction of a 2.8 km underground tunnel from Bundaran HI to the National Monument (Monas) in Central Jakarta in June, known as stage CP201. The plan was pushed back from March and was expected to be completed by December 2024.Phase 2 of the MRT’s development will see the construction of seven underground stations, extending 6.3 kilometer from Bundaran HI to Kota in West Jakarta. “Due to the pandemic, we decided to postpone the commencement of work until June because it is not possible for the contractor to work in the current circumstances. A lot of experts will also come from Japan,” the firm’s president director William Sabandar told journalists in a virtual meeting on Wednesday.He also said the decision was made to avoid cost overruns.“As there will be a three-month delay, the first operational stage of MRT Jakarta phase 2 [serving Bundaran HI to Monas] is slated to begin in April 2025 […] while the whole project until Kota station will be completed in March 2026,” he added.The first and second operational stages of phase 2 were initially scheduled to begin at the end of 2024 and 2025, respectively. Topics :center_img Stage CP201 will proceed alongside construction of other phase 2 stages, namely Harmoni-Mangga Besar (CP202) and Glodok-Kota (CP203), as well as the construction of railway systems and track work (CP205) and procurement of rolling stock (CP206).The firm has completed stage CP200, which was the construction of a receiving substation (RSS) at Monas.Tenders for the aforementioned stages will also continue until June, William said.Read also: From MRT to Transjakarta, here’s how services have adjusted to citywide transport restrictionsA popular mode of transportation since its launch last year, the MRT has seen a dramatic drop in ridership since the Jakarta administration imposed social restrictions, including limiting public transportation services, on March 16.Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the MRT saw an average of 100,000 passengers daily. This number has declined sharply, with only 4,134 passengers recorded on Tuesday, a 95 percent slump compared to March 6.This will result in the company falling short of its farebox and non-farebox targets this year, set at approximately Rp 290 billion and Rp 425 billion, respectively, William said.The company has developed strategies for moderate and worst-case scenarios.It has also reduced its budget for training and business trips, and postponed procurement of train simulators worth Rp 100 billion for training purposes, Wiliam said, stressing that the firm would not layoff its 699 employees.last_img read more