Province Removes Fortifications From Home to Ensure Safety

first_imgThe province has moved to ensure the safety of a Nine Mile River neighbourhood this week under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act. Police searched a home on Renfrew Road in Nine Mile River, in relation to an attempted murder on New Year’s Eve. During the search, they noticed fortifications in the home, specifically thick, heavy metal bars across the doors built into the door frames, and asked the province to have them removed. “The focus here is on people who install barricades on their windows and doors when they are involved in criminal activity. They do this to make it harder for police to get into a building,” said acting Justice Minister Maurice Smith. “That also makes access difficult for other emergency responders. This puts everyone in danger including firefighters, paramedics, occupants of the building and entire neighbourhoods.” Under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, the province has the power to order that fortifications on a property, such as bars or metal plating on windows and doors, bulletproof glass and razor wire, be removed. This provision is used to remove excessive fortifications installed at properties being used for crime. This is the first time the province has used this section of the legislation since it was enacted in 2007. Under the legislation, owners of the property have two weeks to appeal the order to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. In this case, the owners of the property co-operated with the order. Workers removed three metal barricades from doors in the home Wednesday, Jan. 9. The Department of Justice encourages people to report problem properties by calling, toll free, 1-877-357-2337. Authorities can investigate and, if necessary, shut down residences or businesses that are regularly used for illegal activities. There have been more than 900 complaints since the Safer Communities and Neighbourhood Act began in 2007. There have been 11 formal evictions using community safety orders and 120 voluntary notices to vacate.last_img read more

TOTAL DOMINATION Twelve EUROs Champs – 11 Norwegian medals

2002DenmarkDenmark25–22Norway 1994GermanyDenmark27–23Germany 2014 Story of European handball is story about amazing generations of Norwegian handball ladies! Tournament in Sweden was 12th organized by European Handball Federation since 1994, when in Germany Denmark won first ever EURO gold by beating Germany 27:23.How deep and huge are domination of Norwegian women’s handball national team – the best way to describe is to tell a fact that Norway won 11 medals and only missing is one from Romania in 2000, when they finished sixth!Seven gold medals, three silver and one bronze, with amazing fact that since 2004, Breivik and then Hergeirsson lost only gold medal in Belgrade 2012, when Montenegro won 34:31 after extra-time.All Women’s EHF EURO’s finals: ← Previous Story Seventh EURO gold for Norway! Next Story → Buzzer-beater by Svan Hansen for Berlin’s tears in Flensburg 2004HungaryNorway27–25Denmark 1998NetherlandsNorway24–16Denmark 2006SwedenNorway27–24Russia 2010 2008MacedoniaNorway34–21Spain 2000RomaniaHungary32–30 (ET)Ukraine Croatia / HungaryNorway28–25Spain 1996DenmarkDenmark25–23Norway 2012SerbiaMontenegro34–31 (2ET)Norway 2016SwedenNorway30–29Netherlands Norwegian handball girls Denmark / NorwayNorway25–20Sweden read more