Highlights of the Speech From The Throne First Session of the 59th

first_img NOTE: The speech from the throne is available at the VitalStatistics Office, 1609 Hollis St., Halifax and Access NovaScotia Centres throughout the province, or on the Web atwww.gov.ns.ca/legislature/house_business/throne.html . The following are the highlights from the speech from the throneread today, Sept. 25, 2003, by Lt.-Gov. Myra A. Freeman at theopening of the first session of the 59th General Assembly of NovaScotia: OUR COMMON COMMITMENT Government knows that every member of the legislature shares thecommon commitment to make Nova Scotia an even better place tolive, work, and raise a family. We also know that every member ofthe legislature agrees that we must live within our means, yetfind the means to improve the quality of health care we provideNova Scotians, the quality of education we provide our children,and the level of economic prosperity we all know is within reach. ENSURING OUR PROGRESS The first speech from the throne since government has beenhonoured with its second mandate highlights many of the actionsit will take to ensure Nova Scotia’s economic and socialprogress, including:– a commitment to take the necessary steps and to make thenecessary investments to provide better health care for you andyour family;– a commitment to make the necessary adjustments to ensure yourprovince stays in balance;– a commitment to make our promised investments in better roads,safer bridges, and healthier schools;– a commitment to advance our plans to reduce class sizes, tokick-start a voluntary pre-school program for four-year-olds, andto increase opportunities for young Nova Scotians to go tocommunity college and to find a good job here at home;– a commitment to lower personal income taxes so Nova Scotia’seconomy continues to grow and government has the revenues neededto pay for vital public services over the long term. SUPPORTING BETTER HEALTH CARE Knowing that health care is the number one concern of NovaScotians, government is making adjustments in other spendingareas to provide our hospitals with funding over and above thesignificant increases designated through multi-year funding. Theadditional investments we are making to front-line health carewill enable us to act on our plan to provide you and your familywith better health care. A plan that includes: — new investments in state-of-the-art medical equipment;– training and recruiting more nurses and doctors and vitalhealth-care professionals;– implementing a provincewide stroke strategy;– collecting and broadly sharing information on wait times sodoctors and their patients know where they can get fasterdiagnosis and treatment;– taking additional steps to promote healthy living. PROTECTING YOUR INTERESTS The ambitious legislative agenda that government will pursue thisfall and next spring also addresses the following importantissues of concern to Nova Scotians. Specifically, governmentwill:– legislate a 20 per cent reduction in automobile insurancepremiums;– provide Nova Scotians with the ultimate and final say onSunday shopping;– establish a cap on annual property assessment increases;– take the necessary steps to better protect Nova Scotia’spublic health and safety. ADVANCING SOCIAL PROGRESS Government will take the following steps to ensure we advance thesocial progress of Nova Scotians. We will: SUMMARY In the final analysis, government will take the steps it knowsare needed to provide better, faster health care, to improve thequality of our children’s education, to create new jobs, and tosupport a growing economy. -30-center_img introduce legislation to provide greater protection for many of Nova Scotia’s well-meaning, community-based volunteers; take additional steps to support the independence of Nova Scotians with disabilities; eliminate mandatory retirement within the civil service; advance plans to protect more of Nova Scotia’s valuable wilderness areas; develop a new strategy to support Nova Scotia’s smaller communities; seek recommendations to ensure Nova Scotia’s voters’ list is more accurate and complete. SPEECH FROM THE THRONE–Highlights of the Speech From The Throne,First Session of the 59th General Assemblylast_img read more