King of Morocco Islam does not object to profit

Marrakesh – King Mohammed VI  highlighted the importance of Islam as a religion that encourages the “entrepreneurial spirit, personal fulfillment and promotion based on merit.”In his letter read by AbdelIlah Benkirane, Head of government,  to the official opening session of the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakech, King Mohammed VI stressed on the positive role of Islam regarding fair competitiveness in the world of entrepreneurship.“Our religion does not object to profit. On the contrary, it encourages the entrepreneurial spirit, personal fulfillment and promotion based on merit,” the letter said. The royal message highlighted the example of the institution of the waqf (endowment) as  “an original form of entrepreneurship, which is rooted in our tradition of inter-generational solidarity.”King Mohammed VI called on the governments to instill self-confidence in young people  in order to “overcome the pessimism that has plagued our continent.”The king emphasized the urgent  “need to nurture positive examples and turn success stories into models to emulate” to enable young generations to “believe in their ability to learn and to become entrepreneurs.” read more