US Navy receives destroyer Paul Ignatius (DDG 117)

first_img Share this article View post tag: Arleigh Burke-class View post tag: USS Paul Ignatius Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Paul Ignatius (DDG 117) was delivered to the US Navy after it completed acceptance trials in the Gulf of Mexico in December 2018.The ship was delivered by Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Ingalls Shipbuilding division in a document signing ceremony on February 22.The signing of the DD 250 document officially transfers custody of the ship from HII to the Navy. Cmdr. Robby Trotter, the ship’s prospective commanding officer, was in attendance at the ceremony.Paul Ignatius is the 67th ship in its class and and is scheduled to sail away from the shipyard in June.“This event is the culmination of hard work and dedication by thousands of shipbuilders, industry partners from nearly every state, as well as our Navy SUPSHIP Gulf Coast shipmates who worked with us each and every day to ensure DDG 117 became a mission-capable ship,” said George Nungesser, Ingalls’ DDG program manager.“Today, we deliver DDG 117 to the US Navy—our 31st time to do this with an Aegis destroyer and well over our 80th time to deliver a navy surface combatant on the banks of the Pascagoula River. It’s an honor to be a part of this great tradition.”DDG 117 is named in honor of Paul Ignatius, who served as the 59th Secretary of the Navy, from 1967 to 1969. He made significant contributions during the administrations of presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Ignatius is a living namesake and currently resides in Washington, D.C.HII currently has four DDGs under construction, including Jack H. Lucas (DDG 125), the first Flight III ship, which started fabrication in May 2018.Paul Ignatius (DDG 117) was launched on Nov. 12, 2016. Photo: HII View post tag: HII View post tag: US Navy Photo: L-R: Cmdr: Robby Trotter, Cmdr. Scott Williams and Donny Dorsey sign the delivery document officially handing ownership of the destroyer Paul Ignatius (DDG 17) from Ingalls Shipbuilding to the U.S. Navy. Photo by Derek Fountain/HIIlast_img read more

Zadar started with the video campaign “Feel Zadar” – Five films, five messages about Zadar

first_imgWith five one-minute films about Zadar showing top gastronomy, culture, adventure, the famous Zadar sunset and Maraschino as an authentic Zadar product, the Zadar Tourist Board has launched a marketing video campaign “Feel Zadar” which aims to present the unique Zadar tourist offer and up to end of October to extend the main season.The use of the power of the film medium is not new in marketing campaigns, but what makes the Zadar story special in this case is the atmospheric and poetic nature of the work signed by the team gathered by the director. Andrea Buča. They are cameramen Milan Latkovic i Duje Kundić, editor Koraljka Maričić and producer Mirta Mirt. Each of the films reads the mood, sensation, ambience and special experience of Zadar, or something completely different from the usual tourist films. That is why “Feel Zadar” (#FeelZadar) was the right choice for the campaign title. “The creative sensibility of the director Andrea Buča perfectly matches the message and feeling of Zadar that we want to share with the audience. We did not want to make a trendy tourist film, but to create recognition and uniqueness as a year-round tourist trump card in the context of the potential that Zadar obviously has. We wanted Zadar to be felt”, Says the director of the Zadar Tourist Board Ante Rados for a project that started on Tuesday to conquer the Croatian, and then the European and tourist markets around the world.The film, which glorifies the impeccable purity of the sea even in the middle of the city, rich cultural heritage, church tradition and heritage, museum spaces, sports facilities and natural beauties that surround it, is intended for everyone – say in the Tourist Board – but above all something more. This, adds director Rados, sets higher goals and imperatives. “Zadar has the potential on the basis of which a destination policy can be built with a better level of offer. In terms of tourism, it would be a sin not to emphasize the quality of indigenous food from the soil and sea that surrounds Zadar, or unique recipes for authentic dishes and drinks of our region. We are convinced, and with such campaigns we are saying, that Zadar is an attractive year-round destination for guests from Croatia and those who come from all over the world.”, Points out the first man of Zadar tourism.Five films, five messages about ZadarEach of the five films carries a different mood and a different experience of the city, so the slogans that appear at the end of one-minute tourist films are also different. “Once you try it, you will fall in love”, “Home of the most beautiful sunset in the world”, “Flaming Sunset”. An experience you will never regret “,” Take your fun seriously “and” Go where the winners go “- are the messages with which the films effectively conclude the unique experiences of Zadar.Campaign first in Croatia, then in Great Britain, Germany and FranceThe first part of the campaign, which aims to present Zadar in feeling and experience and extend the main tourist season until late October, or further develop the potential of the year-round destination, is based on the little known fact that 11 percent of commercial overnight stays in Zadar are domestic guests. Therefore, in the initial phase of three weeks, this campaign will be primarily intended for Croats, with all the elements of the campaign: films, visuals, PR articles and a special website. “After analyzing the campaign with the accumulated experiences and conclusions, positive or negative, we turn to the three key external emitting markets from which the flights of low-cost airlines come to us, namely the United Kingdom, Germany and France.”, Says director Rados.”Feel Zadar” worked in addition to the film team and the entire team from the Zadar Tourist Board, and the success of this tourist presentation of Zadar would mean the continuation of the campaign with five to ten new tourist films. And very quickly. “Unlike some other types of promotion, online campaigns make it easy to track the measurability and success of the process. If she shows a good result, we plan to make new films in late autumn. They would be in the autumn and spring atmosphere, with which they would do a wider and more extensive promotion on foreign markets at the beginning of next year, with the aim of starting the main season as early as possible.”, Says the PR of the Zadar Tourist Board Ante Galić noting that in parallel with the “Feel Zadar” campaign, promotions are being prepared on the domestic and foreign markets for “Advent in Zadar” and “Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival 2018”.Thus, this year’s Advent program will conceptually bring novelties related to the dates and expansion of the program within the historic core, and immediately after Advent and New Year’s Eve, preparations for the fourth edition of “Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival 2018” will begin from 2 to 11 . February. “The festival has its own development path, so we are sure that this neighborhood will further contribute to the attractiveness of Zadar as a destination in the winter”, Rados concludes.Find out more about the campaign on the website Five films, five messages about ZadarGastronomyKulturaAdventureSunsetMaraschinolast_img read more

MRT Jakarta delays phase 2 construction amid COVID-19 outbreak

first_imgThe COVID-19 outbreak has forced city-owned transportation company PT MRT Jakarta to postpone construction of phase 2 of the Jakarta MRT.MRT Jakarta, the operator of the country’s first subway service, plans to commence construction of a 2.8 km underground tunnel from Bundaran HI to the National Monument (Monas) in Central Jakarta in June, known as stage CP201. The plan was pushed back from March and was expected to be completed by December 2024.Phase 2 of the MRT’s development will see the construction of seven underground stations, extending 6.3 kilometer from Bundaran HI to Kota in West Jakarta. “Due to the pandemic, we decided to postpone the commencement of work until June because it is not possible for the contractor to work in the current circumstances. A lot of experts will also come from Japan,” the firm’s president director William Sabandar told journalists in a virtual meeting on Wednesday.He also said the decision was made to avoid cost overruns.“As there will be a three-month delay, the first operational stage of MRT Jakarta phase 2 [serving Bundaran HI to Monas] is slated to begin in April 2025 […] while the whole project until Kota station will be completed in March 2026,” he added.The first and second operational stages of phase 2 were initially scheduled to begin at the end of 2024 and 2025, respectively. Topics :center_img Stage CP201 will proceed alongside construction of other phase 2 stages, namely Harmoni-Mangga Besar (CP202) and Glodok-Kota (CP203), as well as the construction of railway systems and track work (CP205) and procurement of rolling stock (CP206).The firm has completed stage CP200, which was the construction of a receiving substation (RSS) at Monas.Tenders for the aforementioned stages will also continue until June, William said.Read also: From MRT to Transjakarta, here’s how services have adjusted to citywide transport restrictionsA popular mode of transportation since its launch last year, the MRT has seen a dramatic drop in ridership since the Jakarta administration imposed social restrictions, including limiting public transportation services, on March 16.Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the MRT saw an average of 100,000 passengers daily. This number has declined sharply, with only 4,134 passengers recorded on Tuesday, a 95 percent slump compared to March 6.This will result in the company falling short of its farebox and non-farebox targets this year, set at approximately Rp 290 billion and Rp 425 billion, respectively, William said.The company has developed strategies for moderate and worst-case scenarios.It has also reduced its budget for training and business trips, and postponed procurement of train simulators worth Rp 100 billion for training purposes, Wiliam said, stressing that the firm would not layoff its 699 employees.last_img read more