‘Star Wars Squadrons’ release details: Date, price, gameplay trailer for new EA title

first_imgOne of the more relieving things the company announced is that there would be no microtransactions in this version, a stark difference from “Star Wars: Battlefront II.”MORE: Top PS4 reveal takeawaysHere are the key details to know regarding the game:What is the story for ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’?In single player action, you’ll alternate between play a New Republic’s Vanguard pilot and a fighter in the the Empire’s Titan squadron in a battle for galactic supremacy.”This is the definitive Star Wars pilot experience,” says the narrator of the trailer, which can be seen below.Star Wars Squadrons features a single player mode, multiplayer mode, cross-play, and you can play in VR! pic.twitter.com/n8MouXGaw6— IGN (@IGN) June 18, 2020When is the release date for ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’?The game will come out on Oct. 2 for all current generation platforms. It’s unclear if or when the game will be available on the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox.How much will ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ cost?The price point is set at $40 — a pretty reasonable mark considering the absence of microtransactions in this edition.What should you expect from online features?Core online gameplay will consist of squads of five fighters who can choose from eight customizable base ships: Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Tie Interceptor, A-Wing, Tie Reaper, U-Wing, Tie Bomber and Y-Wing.The trailer promises a high level of personalization for ships, including both cosmetic and strategic choices that are unlocked for free by playing matches.Will there be crossplay for ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’?Yes. EA now seems to be fully embracing the crossplay gaming wave, and “Star Wars: Squadrons” competitors on PS4, Xbox and PC will all be able to join each other online. The EA Play 2020 showcase on Thursday afternoon gave “Star Wars” fans a treat with full details regarding the upcoming release of “Star Wars: Squadrons.”EA provided a lengthy video trailer as well as a number of modes and features players can enjoy when the game drops in October. What systems can you play ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ on?At release, the game will be available on PS4, Xbox and PC. Additionally, there will be VR support on the PS4 and PC.How will microtransactions work in the new game?It appears there won’t be any microtransactions in “Star Wars: Squadrons.” That means level-ups will come purely from playing the game rather than shelling out additional cash.What other details did we learn about the game from EA Play?Locations you’ll be able to visit include Yavin Prime and Galitan. Familiar characters include Wedge Antilles and Hera Syndulla.last_img read more

Scholten holds rural tech forum in Mason City

first_imgMASON CITY — 4th District congressional candidate JD Scholten made a stop in Mason City on Saturday, hosting a rural technology forum. Scholten says rural technology is more than just trying to get Iowans better connected to rural broadband.  “When we talk about just broadband, I feel that it could be obsolete in a few years, and so the big thing is having that goal and vision for the future and just allowing us to have the infrastructure for success. Whether that means a farmer having the ability to have advanced agriculture on their farm, or somebody living in town to do their homework, or as healthcare is becoming more and more remote, to have the ability of Skyping or whatever the method is with with doctor.” Scholten says the infrastructure has to be there to make sure farmers are able to be financially successful. “Right now we’ve had a half decade of low commodity prices, its hard for young farmers to get involved in farming. The trade wars are really hurting folks, but then you also have the Renewable Fuel Standard being abused and we’re leaving too much grain in the bins. But it all goes back to just having the capability of allowing farmers to to do the best they can.”  Scholten says education can be boosted by better technology.  “What we see in education, it’s just interwoven with all the programs that people are trying to do nationally. It doesn’t matter if you live in Eldora, or if you live in Hinton Iowa, or Sioux City Iowa, or if you live in Chicago, we should have the capability to the research the same stuff and to do a lot of the same programs, and I think that’s one area where the schools have it, but when you go home from school you should be able to learn and continue to learn.” Scholten says Iowa is losing graduates who are experts in technology.  “ Iowa State University graduated in 2017 1400 students who could immediately go into the technology field. A year later in 2018, only 258 were working in the state of Iowa. That’s 18%. That’s where the big issue is right now. The majority of the folks who stayed, that 18% who stayed and worked, are  probably in Des Moines, or maybe Ames or in Cedar Rapids, but they’re not in the Mason Citys or the Fort Dodges or the Sioux Citys like they should be, and that’s where we really need to change the game, and that’s my goal.” Scholten says better rural technology can help boost telemedicine efforts to those areas not being served by doctors or hospitals.  “We need more of a system of just regular check-ups where a doctor can can go to the meet the people, and go to where the people are at. I think that a rural healthcare system that is much needed in this country and in this district. The other part of it too is, if there is a simple solution to things, I think telemedicine is going to be part of our future, and we’ve got to make sure that the infrastructure is there, and the capability of having that interaction is there. It all goes back to have in that infrastructure laid out.” Scholten, a Democrat,  is running for the 4th District seat currently held by Steve King. He was joined in Mason City on Saturday by Pennsylvania congressman Ro Khannalast_img read more

Connecting sustainability with reducing input costs

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Cutting input costs and meeting customer demands for sustainability are top-of-mind issues for farmers. The good news is that these two objectives do not have to be in opposition to one another. In fact, implementing sustainable practices on the farm can help cut costs and contribute to profitability.“It just goes hand-in-hand to be more efficient on our farms with the current lower commodity prices,” said Keith Kemp, Soy Checkoff farmer-leader from West Manchester, Ohio. “Those efficiencies today will make my farm more sustainable today and more profitable down the road.”One sustainable practice farmers can use to cut costs is utilizing no-till.“We managed things very closely when we got into no-till 30 years ago and we made sure we were completely ready as far as fertility, tile and getting compaction out of the soils,” Kemp said. “Once we got into no-till we got our worms, microbes and all the little critters working to digest a lot of the residue and put their own fertility in the ground so we didn’t have to use as much fertilizer as conventional farmers.”Another practice is analyzing all of the data collected on the farm to only apply the inputs each crop needs.“That data is the icing on the cake,” Kemp said. “There’s no overlapping whatsoever, we analyze all of our mapping and practice prescription, variable rate planting so that data makes us tremendously efficient on our farm.”A prime example of that efficiency was when Kemp saved 21 bags of seed on 900 acres, which led to big savings and becoming more sustainable, something that many of U.S. soybean’s customers around the world are asking farmers to do.last_img read more

Why You Must Stay Alive in Your Dream Client’s Mind

first_imgThere’s a certain power in persistence. Persistence means you continue to take action until you get the result you are pursuing. It requires that one be determined, that one has the intestinal fortitude, the ability that is part grit and part pigheadedness. Especially as it pertains to prospecting, persistence is one of the keys to success.If you call your dream client once a quarter, you are not being persistent. You are also not really resting for 89 days before your next call. You are making a halfhearted attempt to reach your dream client, and that is why this strategy is ineffective.The challenge is to communicate at such a frequency that your prospective client becomes aware of who you are, what you believe, and how you might potentially create value for them. It is difficult to become known, and it’s even more difficult to be known as a value creator (someone with the ideas and experience that can help other people produce better results). It’s the persistence over time that keeps you alive in your dream client’s mind. You start to become known as someone who is attempting to contact your dream client. Then you become known as someone who works in a certain industry or business. Later, after you’ve communicated for a while, you become known as a person who has certain ideas and beliefs about the right decisions to make to produce better results (this only works if in fact, you have the advice, the views, in the values that help people understand what it is that you believe).When something happens, and something always happens given enough time, your persistence has kept you top of mind. But not only has it kept the top of mind, it’s kept you at the top of the list of potential partners to consider when your dream client needs to make a change. If you make a halfhearted attempt to reach your dream client and go away, you are not going to be known as someone who may potentially help produce a better result-and replace your dream client’s current provider.You may think of prospecting as an activity that generates an appointment. You would be better to think of prospecting as a campaign that not only generates an appointment, but that also allows you to become known as a value creator, a potential partner, and someone who has persisted long enough to earn a shot. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Rep Howell testifies on his proposal to ensure access to road funding

first_img09Oct Rep. Howell testifies on his proposal to ensure access to road funding Categories: Howell News,News State Rep. Gary Howell (left) with State Rep. Ben Frederick testifying before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in support of Howell’s plan to allow counties and municipalities to legally utilize funds from the State Infrastructure Bank to fix Michigan roads.State Rep. Gary Howell recently testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in support of his proposal to allow counties, cities and villages to legally utilize funds from the State Infrastructure Bank in order to fix Michigan roads.Howell said his proposal will ensure local road agencies are given the proper authority to borrow funds from the State Infrastructure Bank for road improvements.“As a 40-year municipal attorney handling these matters and as the former chairman of the Lapeer County Road Commission, I believe this plan fixes a significant problem,” said Howell, of North Branch. “It is my job to make sure that counties and municipalities have access to necessary funds to fix Michigan’s roads.”The State Infrastructure Bank was established as a revolving loan fund, or bank, used to help finance local road projects.Rep. Howell’s House Bill 6088 remains under consideration by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.###last_img read more