Atleti announces an ERTE

first_imgA situation as serious as this forces us to make decisions as complicated as necessary for the good of the entity. I want to thank everyone who works at the club for their special effort on these difficult days. Unfortunately, and with the sole objective of guaranteeing the survival of the club, we are forced to request a Temporary Employment Regulation File. for those professionals who, due to the declared state of alarm in our country, cannot carry out their work when their activity has completely ceased, as well as for those whose working hours have been significantly reduced. Both cases affect both employees and players and technicians of our teams. We are working to minimize the impact of the measure and limit it to what is strictly essential, so that when the competition returns, everything will work as it has been until now. They are, as I said, difficult decisions, but that the responsibility of safeguarding the future of Atlético de Madrid forces us to make.Our sponsors and collaborating companies are suffering like us and the rest of society from the terrible impact of this health and economic crisis. I want to thank you for your commitment in these hard times and your help. Together we will emerge reinforced from this situation and we will be able to recover stability thanks to the passion and values ​​that we share.In this situation of uncertainty that our sector is going through, we must join forces and work together to try to regain normalcy in the world of football as soon as possible. It is a time of generosity, humility, solidarity, effort, reaching out and reaching agreements to find a valid solution for all groups: institutions, clubs, players, coaches, fans …The media currently plays a vital role as the current link with the millions of citizens who are confined to their homes, fulfilling their responsibility to reduce infections as much as possible. They, who from here I sincerely thank for their work, are going to be a fundamental piece as channels of diffusion of all the proposals and measures that are taken to regain competitive normality and they are already doing it as loudspeakers of the solidarity actions that numerous clubs and athletes we have launched to help in this crisis.Atlético de Madrid proudly represents the name of Madrid and Spain throughout Europe, that is why we have an inescapable commitment to our fellow citizens and We have decided to channel all the help from the club to the fight against this pandemic through the #LoDamosTodo campaign, whose entire collection will go to the Red Cross , so that it can meet the needs of the health workers who are fighting against Covid-19 in the Community of Madrid, which unfortunately is the region most shaken by the coronavirus in Spain and the one that most urgently needs help. In addition to contributing directly to the donation, the club has launched all its resources and all the groups that are part of this great family (players, coaches, managers, legends, supporters, members …) to bring this message to as many people as possible who can contribute in any way, even minimally, to the acquisition of necessary material for the sanitary services.I hope I can get back to you soon with better news. Until then continue to face this situation as all athletes do, with courage and heart. I have no doubt that our values ​​are helping us to cope with this crisis in the best way and I hope and trust that we will soon be together again cheering on our beloved Atleti. “ Gil Marín announced this noon, with a letter to the members that Atlético is headed to an ERTE to guarantee “the survival of the club. It would affect those professionals who, “due to the declared state of alarm in our country, are unable to carry out their work as their activity has completely ceased, as well as for those whose working hours have been significantly reduced”. I mean, they affect “both employees and players and technicians of our teamsSince the crisis began, Atlético has continued to have initiatives to help, in addition to suspending training first and then confining its footballers as soon as the state of alarm began. It is the third Spanish club to join an ERTE after those announced by Barcelona and Espanyol.Here is the full letter that Gil Marín has sent to the partners: “My first wish is that you and your family are in good health and have not been affected by this terrible pandemic. If unfortunately, as has happened to thousands of Spaniards, the coronavirus has affected one of your loved ones, I want to express all the encouragement and convey all the support of our club in these hard times.First of all and on behalf of all of us who are part of Atlético de Madrid, I would like to dedicate my most sincere gratitude thousands of health workers, police, civil guards, military, transporters, food chain professionals, cleaning workers and others groups that are working tirelessly to stop this pandemic and to enable the rest of society to best fulfill our obligation to stay home as an essential measure to stop the spread of the virus.Never in the recent history of our country have we faced a crisis of this magnitude or with such dramatic health, economic and social consequences. The situation we are experiencing presents us with a future riddled with uncertainties because nobody can assure when this situation will end or what that way will be for our society. In all the years that I have led the club’s management, I have never faced such a delicate moment or an uncertain future, but I assure you that all of us who work for Atlético de Madrid are facing it with firmness and the utmost responsibility in order to guarantee the viability of the club.In a few days we have gone from the joy of Liverpool to confinement in our homes. In these circumstances I want to tell our more than 130 thousand members that, Although we will be a time without being able to receive you at the Wanda Metropolitano, the home of all the athletes, communication with you and with all our fans does not stop. Although the member service office and the club offices in the stadium are closed, our team of professionals continues to work to resolve any queries that may arise via telephone or email. We do not know when the competition will resume and under what conditions, so we cannot yet specify any measure in this regard, but I do want to send a message of calm to all of you and tell you that we are already working in all possible scenarios, with the In order to be prepared for the moment in which the competition resumes and to be able to provide the appropriate service in each case. As soon as we have any more certainty, we will contact all of you.last_img read more