LulzSec hack porn website find mil and gov logins

first_imgThe hacker group LulzSec is gaining quite a reputation for the amount of thought-to-be secure user data they have been leaking from websites lately. They apparently just do it for the lulz, but I doubt the sites they are hacking see the funny side.The latest victim is the porn website LulzSec managed to gain access and steal over 25,000 email/password login combinations. The worst bit is a number of them were from .gov and .mil addresses showing there’s some people who really don’t understand what you should and shouldn’t be doing on government time and using government resources.As well as thousands of users, there was also 55 admins and webmasters from other pornography website found to have registrations. Are they keeping an a close eye on the competition?As well as making the data freely available on the web, LulzSec has suggested what should be done with the logins. Although illegal in a lot of countries, LulzSec wants the email/password combinations to be tried on Facebook by anyone and everyone. If a login works, which in more cases than we care to imagine probably will, then LulzSec suggest telling all the friends of that person how they registered and use the porn site.Facebook has responded to this suggestion by going down the list of usernames and automatically resetting any that match on the social network.LulzSec don’t seem to target any one industry with these hacks. We’ve seen have its employee profiles defaced, hacked in response to a depiction of Bradley Manning, had 1 million user profiles taken, and Nintendo’s US server compromised. You have to wonder where they will stirke next.via NakedSecuritylast_img read more