The ERTE in soccer will also have an extension

first_imgIf he alarm status is already in its second extension and could have some more for the coronavirus, the Temporary Employment Regulation Records who are soliciendo los clubs professionals now, for “causes of force majeure” and to counteract inactivity, also will have its continuation in some cases when finish confinement. The First and Second entities, have taken this step now or not as LaLiga encouraged them, may request another ERTE then for “economic reasons” if the competition has not restarted at the same time as the rest of activities in Spain.The league hoped that the labor authority that operates in the different provincial administrations under the Ministry of Labor open your hand. Nevertheless, Barcelona, ​​Espanyol and Alavés, who were the first to request this measure, for different reasons and with different applications among their players and workers, they have already verified that aids will cover them until the Government decree he end of alarm state and no more, as I made clear the BOE the day of its launch: “The duration of ERTE authorized under the anticipated causes cannot be extended beyond the period in which the situation extraordinary derived from COVID-19, it being understood, therefore, that its maximum duration will be that of the alarm state. This limitation will be applicable both in those files with respect to which the express resolutionas those who are resolved for administrative silence, regardless of the content of the request. “Atlético, Las Palmas, Zaragoza, Racing, Ponferradina and those who come from behind such as Tenerife, Rayo and Alba they know what there is. The ERTE they can be chained without limitation. The Barca, for example, whose record did not affect the first team, will not extend it. It will agree on wages. The rest should justify very well the reasons for requesting a second file for technical and economic organizational reasons. “The difference with the of overwhelming force is that you can to last what agree with the workers. You have to put an end date to that ERTE, although later it can be modified with consensus and whenever the labor authority is notified, “assures a government source.He ERTE of force majeure can be started, as now, by “those who have their direct cause in the loss of activity as a consequence of different government measures adopted: suspension or cancellation of activities, temporary closure of public affluence premises, restrictions on public transport and mobility of people or goods in general, or urgent and extraordinary situations due to contagion of the template or measures of preventive isolation“. He ERTE who will come later affects “the job suspension or, conversely, to a reduction of working hours in case the dismissal is not needed, obeying economic, technical, organizational causes or of production“He ERTE will not produce effects at listing period, which will be considered as effectively quoted. It supposes the 70% of the regulatory base during the first six months and 50% from the seventh month. Players can agree that the club will assume part of the loss, stopping paying contributions and partially supplementing, as compensation, the difference between salary and unemployment benefit. A professional player, hired to full time, could win like maximum 1,411 euros if you have two children and at least 1,098 euros if you don’t have them. Those figures would decrease if he were hired part-time.last_img read more