Giants stomp all over POM Meros

first_imgAt their first bat, the Giants scored three runs after a hit to the outfield by Jay Selu brought home three runners.Keeping the Meros scoreless in the first inning, the Giants continued to pile on more runs.Jayden Lach smacked a ball to the left outfield and brought Kepas Mormor home. A home run by Ryan Meriman kept the scoreboard ticking,  bringing two more runners home plus himself.The next batter up, Consie Bais, hit the second homer for the game off the pitching of Mero’s Mosley Obed.By the third inning, the Meros made a change in the pitching, bringing on Joachim Pagal for Obed.Pagal helped restrict the Giants who only managed three runs in the last two innings.The Giants made a change in the pitching department, using Aaron Duronx. This helped the Meros who scored their first run through Joel Kua from a loose ball from Duronx.The Meros added another run from a safe hit from Julias Tatai before time in game was called.This is the second win for the Giants who beat the Madang Kings 4-2 yesterday.In the women’s first game for today, Madang were too strong for Buluminski, winning 7-1.last_img read more