Soak up stunning views and enjoy character charm

first_imgThe home at 128 Blackwood Rd, Salisbury.The home is set up for dual living with an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area on the ground floor along with a laundry, gym and single-car garage. There are also two bedrooms with an ensuite and built-in robe in one, and a built-in robe in the other. More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020The lower level is completely wheelchair accessible and includes two outdoor spaces. The home at 128 Blackwood Rd, Salisbury.THIS beautifully presented Queenslander is on the market for the first time since it was built in 1925. The five-bedroom property at 128 Blackwood Rd, Salisbury has remained in the same family for more than 90 years and was restored in 2010. The home has a viewing turret, with 360-degree views of the surrounding area, and character features including timber floors, VJ walls and a wraparound veranda. The kitchen at 128 Blackwood Rd, Salisbury.Upstairs, there is an eat-in kitchen, separate lounge room, bathroom and three bedrooms. The kitchen has Caesarstone benches, two-pac cabinetry, and quality appliances including a 900mm gas stovetop and dishwasher.The living areas and two of the bedrooms open to the wide wraparound veranda. center_img The view from 128 Blackwood Rd, Salisbury.Internal stairs lead to the viewing turret with views across Salisbury, Toohey Forest and beyond. The home is on a 809sq m block with established gardens, electric gates, two garden sheds and off-street parking. Marketing agent Mark Ward, of Mark Ward Property, said the iconic Queenslander was in a prestigious location and offered plenty of options for its next owners. “This property is perfect for a large family but could also be used for dual living if you have an older parent or relation or perhaps teenagers wanting their own space,” he said.last_img read more

Job Vacancy: Busy Buncrana company seeks Office Administrator

first_imgJob Vacancies: A Buncrana-based fuel and oil trading company are seeking staff to join their hard-working team.Coyle Coal Donegal are recruiting for an administrator for their busy fuel office.Applicants must have previous office experience. Hours of work: 9am to 6pm. To apply, email your details in confidence to [email protected] Vacancy: Busy Buncrana company seeks Office Administrator was last modified: February 5th, 2018 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:buncranacoyle coalfuel officeInishowenOffice Administratorlast_img read more

Why the Giants asked a Gold Glove-caliber defender to switch positions

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO–Three Giants infielders have won Gold Gloves, but the one starter who hasn’t isn’t exactly a defensive liability.First baseman Brandon Belt is considered one of the game’s top defenders at the position and even though he missed 50 games due to injury last year, Belt ranked second among all major league first baseman with 13 defensive runs saved in 2018.Evan Longoria, Brandon Crawford and Joe Panik all have hardware on their shelves to celebrate elite defensive seasons, and while …last_img read more

Chinese shoe company ices NBA; could Klay Thompson’s colossal deal be in jeopardy?

first_imgThe fallout from the China-NBA cold war could hit some NBA players where it hurts most — in their shoe contracts.According to Reuters, China’s Anta sportswear company announced Tuesday it will discontinue contract renewal negotiations with NBA playersSeveral NBA stars have contracts with Anta, including three Warriors: Jacob Evans III Kevon Looney and Klay Thompson. The trio appeared in Oaklandish last weekend where Thompson launched his newest Anta product, the KT5 shoe.last_img

Plants’ International Travel Upsets Evolutionary Idea

first_imgThey may be rooted in soil, but plants really get around.  Some of them make it around the world.  One example has upset a long-believed evolutionary idea.    First of all, plants have a social life.  National Geographic published a story about how plants socialize and communicate.  “Plants have family values, too, it seems, with new research suggesting they can recognize close relatives in order to work together.”    Sometimes, another National Geographic article explained, they decide to go on vacation.  Using up their “frequent flora” miles, they can take to the winds and set down roots in distant lands.  Long distance travel by plants was assumed to be rare and random, but genetic studies of nine arctic species indicated they had traveled up to 1000 km from their starting place.    One such international travel escapade amounts to a conspiracy.  Kapok plants crossed an ocean to undermine Darwin, according to a story in Science Daily.  The trail of intrigue led from South America to Africa: “the kapok tree now is upsetting an idea that biologists have clung to for decades: the notion that African and South American rainforests are similar because the continents were connected 96 million years ago.”  To pull off this scheme, the kapok seeds found ways to cross the ocean.Another seed that enjoys ocean cruises is the mangrove.  The Moody film Journey of Life details how the long seed pods of this plant glide like submarines across the salty sea.  Upon reaching shallow water, one end becomes waterlogged and sinks, planting the pod upright in the sandy soil, ready to start a new mangrove forest.  The coconut is another world cruiser.    We should not feel sorry for plants, stuck as they are in one place.  They move and socialize and travel more than we imagine.  Would that science reporters would appreciate the design in plants instead of spinning their reports around the latest scare fads, like global warming.  Mars and Venus have global warming but nothing like kapok trees, mangroves and coconuts.(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

MIT Cosmologists Take Our Advice

first_imgAfter getting a snubbing in our 02/21/2005 commentary, which advocated he and his MIT colleague Alan Guth take up truck driving, David Kaiser, took our advice – with a thinly veiled smirk:Well, at least someone is still reading Science with a passion.  As for the rest of us in the cosmic-evolution business, we’ll just have to keep on truckin’.This was the ending of an article by Kaiser in the November-December issue of American Scientist (not to be confused with Scientific American), a publication of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society.1    In his article, Kaiser undertook to explain why creation groups, long targeting the biologists and geologists, have “only lately taken on physicists and cosmologists” after a long period of what he considers peaceful co-existence (e.g., Einstein, Lemaitre).  His two-fold conclusion was that (1) recent “bans on teaching the big bang” (only one ineffective and unrepresentative example given) have brought the abstruse issues of cosmology into the public awareness, and (2) the prestige of physics has plummeted since its pinnacle after World War II, in part due to funding cuts but also “physicists’ internal divisions and the obviously speculative nature of recent work” — thus a new “concerted attack” by critics who have “learned to leverage the power of the internet.”  That’s where CEH comes in:I stumbled onto this thriving, wired network two years ago, after my colleague Alan H. Guth and I published a review of recent cosmological research in Science.  About a week after our article appeared, Guth received an e-mail message directing him to a rebuttal of our piece, posted on a creationist Web site.  That response included dozens of hyperlinks to like-minded “refutations’ of the big bang, inflationary cosmology, string theory and the rest.  These sites boasted high production values and good graphics.Noting all the hyperlinks to creationist and intelligent design resources here, Kaiser seemed to have demonstrated a vast lightweight conspiracy to attack the hallowed halls of the cosmologists.  All that seemed necessary to demonstrate the point was to mention the advice about truck driving.1.  David Kaiser, “The Other Evolution Wars,” American Scientist Vol 95, No 6), November-December 2007, pp. 518-525.It was nice to get some compliments from Dr. Kaiser for the graphics and high production values, but of course he was not about to concede any point of substance to creationists.  That would be anathema inside The Guild, even a minor blush to the suggestion that a little shame might be in order.    A little investigation by an unbiased observer, however, should reveal that modern cosmologists do not need any creationist help looking silly: viz., 07/27/2004, 03/11/2004, 06/20/2003, 06/18/2003, 05/02/2003, 08/16/2005, 07/23/2007, 04/13/2007, etc.  If they are worried about possible nonsense that might come from creationists, why not rein in the secularist popularizers, who are truckin’ all over the sidewalk? (11/01/2007, 03/08/2007).    Anyone familiar with the history and philosophy of science would surely realize that there is no way under God’s starry heaven to scientifically justify many of the things being claimed by modern cosmologists today.  To be off by 120 orders of magnitude, to require a universe composed of 96% imponderable substances and occult forces, and to seriously consider we each have clones in countless parallel universes is to invite scrutiny if not ridicule.  Much of that comes from within the ranks of The Guild already.  But then to posit a Cosmic Lottery with 101000 universes (none of which is observable even in theory) should turn the heads of any philosopher or logician.  It looks like a dodge from a clear inference of design, tantamount to escaping falsification with magic.  What would Popper think?    It would have been nice to see a little humility, therefore, just a hint of a possibility that cosmologists might be on the wrong track and maybe should consider non-materialist alternatives seriously, like intelligent design.  If listening to creationists is beneath their dignity, how about listening to Paul Davies or Robert Jastrow who, both appearing in The Privileged Planet, acknowledged the design inference and the inability of materialism to account for it?    Similarly, Astronomy columnist Bob Berman applied his own down-to-earth, common-sense analysis to the current situation.  Without creationist input as far we know, it was clear to him that cosmology needs a serious “time out” because “cosmologists are starting to resemble naked emperors parading before the mass media.”  He scorned how “each pronouncement is delivered with pomp and flair” when in fact it is a shameful display of arrogance and ignorance.  Instead of scientific rigor, imagination rules: “Throw the math this way, that way, tweak the equations, set fire to the physics building, nothing matters,” he exclaimed.  “It’s Alice in Wonderland meets Stephen Hawking.”  That was in 2004, but he just recently let the cosmologists have it between the eyes again (09/29/2007), indicating that nothing has improved: “It would be nice, however, if cosmologists would put a lid on their arrogant ghetto-talk about their latest theory of everything and admit – just once in a while – that their knowledge is a single snowflake in the blizzard of the unknown.”    That’s why we didn’t need to say much in the 2005 entry but to quote the wizards at length and let them air their own arrogance and fall on their own folly.  We hope the suggestion to take up truck driving was an act of mercy.    Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip is sometimes the perfect parody of adult misbehavior.  One story appeared in the collection There’s Treasure Everywhere (pp. 50-52) that seemed apropos.  (Note: The names might need swapping, because the materialist was Thomas Hobbes and the theist was John Calvin, but subsitute whatever living characters you think fit.)    In this episode, Calvin has an assignment to write a paper that debates some issue.  He asks Hobbes for ideas.Hobbes: What do you care about?Calvin: I don’t care about issues!  I’ve got better things to do than argue with every wrong-headed crackpot with an ignorant opinion!  I’m a busy man!  I say, agree with me or go take a hike!  I’m right, period!  End of discussion.Hobbes: Umm… right.Calvin: There, see?  Everybody’s happy!Still, the homework deadline looms.  Calvin has an idea – a Thinking Cap!  He finds a metal collander in the kitchen and sets to work.Calvin: Next we’ll need to attach those 1 and 0 strings and a grounding string.Hobbes: Why a grounding string?Calvin: It’s like a lightning rod for brainstorms.  I want to keep my ideas grounded in reality.Hobbes: I think you’re too late….Work all completed, Calvin puts on the Thinking Cap and has Hobbes turn it on.  Click.  Brzap.  Nothing apparent happens, except Calvin claims he feels smarter already, and Hobbes perceives that Calvin’s head has grown larger.  The knowledge begins to flow:Calvin: My powerful brain is unraveling the mysteries of the universe!  It’s amazing!  All natural laws can be reduced to one simple, unifying equation!Hobbes: Really, what is it?Calvin: Already my powerful brain is bored with such simple problems and is now working on why girls are so obnoxious.Substitute creationists for girls and some remarkable parallels emerge in the local universe.(Visited 68 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

General Motors begins self-driving tests on Michigan public roads

first_img5 Ways IoT can Help to Reduce Automatic Vehicle… Tags:#autonomous cars#Chevrolet Bolt#driverless cars#General Motors#Michigan#Self-Driving David Curry Break the Mold with Real-World Logistics AI and… Related Posts center_img General Motors has started public road tests of its autonomous Chevrolet Bolt in Detroit. It comes a few weeks after Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder legalized self-driving cars in the state.Tests started in Warren, Michigan last week and GM wants to rapidly expand to the entire Detroit metro area. This should provide the automaker with a wide selection of objects and circumstances that aren’t available on race track or highways.See also: Roll your own Mini for the self-driving, ride-sharing future GM already tests autonomous Chevy Bolt in San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona, but Michigan has a more varied climate, including a lot more snow than the other two cities.This type of climate is necessary for autonomous vehicle testers, if they want their system to be workable across the world. The current crop of self-driving cars do not work in heavy snow or fog, but GM wants to change that in the next few years.Bolts will have crowded self-driving roads in the stateGM did not say how many autonomous Chevy Bolts would arrive in Michigan, but has confirmed it will start manufacturing units at a nearby factory. General Motors CEO Mary Barra said the manufacturing will be a learning experience for the company, in preparation for mass manufacturing of autonomous cars in the near future.It won’t be the only company testing cars in Michigan. Hyundai, Toyota, Faraday Future and Ford are all testing cars in the state and rumors suggest tech companies will follow, after the state legislature legalized self-driving vehicles on public roads.After the $660 million acquisition of Cruise Automation, GM has made it well known that it is ready for the autonomous future. It may not have the tech expertise of Google or Apple, but it does have decades of experience in building, mass manufacturing, and deploying cars. For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… IT Trends of the Future That Are Worth Paying A…last_img read more

You Can Change Directions Now

first_imgYou can’t change your results overnight. If you’ve gone in one direction for a long time, you’ve covered a lot of ground. You’ve developed a certain set of beliefs and behaviors over that time, and you’ve generated some results, even if they’re now not the results that you really want.If you’ve haven’t been doing the work you really need to do, you can’t catch that work up in a single day. You might not be able to catch it up in a month. But you can change direction and begin doing that work, right now, today, this minute.If you haven’t invested your time and energy in the relationships that matter most in your life, you can’t get back the time, and you might even have a little repair work to do. But you can change directions in an instant. You can pick up the phone or drive across town or book a plane ticket. You can say, “I’m sorry,” and change the direction of a relationship (or a life).Maybe you haven’t accumulated the wealth you wanted to. You can’t go back in time to earn more money, spend less money, or invest differently. But you can change directions now to earn more, save more, or invest differently for your future.The first step to turning things around is to very literally turn around. You have to change directions. If the path you are travelling on isn’t going to get you to your destination, then you need a new path. If the path you are on right now is taking you further away from where you want to go–and who you want to be–then you have to turn around and go the other direction.You can’t instantly change your results. But you can instantly change your direction. It only requires that you make the decision and take the first step.last_img read more

Shashi Tharoor slams BJP for surge in mob-lynchings

first_imgCongress MP Shashi Tharoor slammed the BJP for the surge in mob-lynching deaths since the party’s ascendancy following the 2014 elections and said its idea of Hinduism was a “narrow political ideology” with no connection to its beliefs. Addressing a session organised by the All India Professional Congress (AIPC) in the city, Mr. Tharoor, criticised Union Home Minister Amit Shah for his push to impose Hindi as a common language over regional ones, saying Mr. Shah’s pitch for “one nation one language” was inimical for unity.Detailing the number of mob-lynching deaths since 2014, Mr. Tharoor said: “What have we seen in the past six years? It started with the killing of [IT professional] Mohsin Shaikh in Pune. Then Mohammad Akhlaq [in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh] was killed on suspicion of slaughtering his cow and consuming beef.”Recounting the grisly killings of Tabrez Ansari and Junaid Khan, the MP said: “Is this our Bharat? Is this what Hindu Dharma says? I am a Hindu but not of this kind… Further, victims are being forced to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’. It is an insult to the Hindu Dharma. It is an insult to Lord Rama that people are being killed using his name.”Remarking that it was appalling that one election result (BJP’s 2014 Lok Sabha win) gave so much power to such elements to do anything and kill anyone, he observed that Pehlu Khan (who was killed by cow vigilantes in Alwar in Rajasthan) was lynched despite having a licence to carry cows for dairy farming.Asked about Mr. Shah’s pitch to impose Hindi as a common language, Mr. Tharoor said the three-language formula that had worked so well for the past 70 years ought not to be tinkered with today.“There was a discussion in the Constituent Assembly on this issue [of Hindi as a common language]… at the time, many opposed this move owing to the wide range of languages spoken in our country. By the BJP’s proposed imposition, for those whom Hindi is not their mother-tongue will feel disadvantaged and national unity will suffer,” he said.He said 60% or more of the parliamentarians today speak in Hindi. “But those who cannot speak it must be made to feel that India is their country as well where they will be heard,” he said, adding that English had proven useful as a “linking language” in transcending communication barriers.In the event that Hindi was decreed as the language to be used for all administrative and bureaucratic purposes, Mr. Tharoor observed that non-Hindi speakers, especially those in the southern States, would feel like second-class citizens compelled to master a second language just to know what their rights were.“We have been trying to make the BJP understand these problems over the common language imposition issue both within Parliament and without, but they simply aren’t willing to even listen,” the senior Congressman said.Asserting that the BJP’s intransigence over the issue was the main reason why the party had failed to make any significant electoral gains in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, he said the BJP’s perpetual promotion of its idea of ‘Hindi, Hindutva and Hindustan’ was “dangerous” for the country’s unity.He said while Prime Minister Modi deserved respect in foreign countries as a representative of the nation, the Opposition and citizens had the right to ask him questions when he is in India.Refuting suggestions of a crisis at the top, he said the Congress was gearing up for crucial State elections as the reins were now firmly in the hands of its president Sonia Gandhi.“She [Ms. Gandhi] is very capable and is working very hard… I think the question of our leadership crisis following Rahul Gandhi’s resignation ought to be put to rest by now,” Mr. Tharoor said.Commenting on the spate of defections bedevilling the Congress in Maharashtra ahead of the Assembly polls, he said the party had no difficulty finding new candidates.“We have taken the stand that if people want to leave for opportunistic reasons, then let them leave because they don’t have the conviction that makes for a committed Congress.” He said those who had stood by the party in tough times were the ones whose hearts were enshrined with the values and principles of the Congress.last_img read more