Cause analysis and resolution of wheat bags taobao贵族宝贝 keywords ranking disappear

3, Shanghai

August 15, 2012 is a memorable day, in addition to whether online or offline had the Jingdong raise a Babel of criticism of Suning price war, there is one thing I think is quite shocking, believe a lot of attention in Shanghai Longfeng webmaster all know, that is the bread wrapped in love "Taobao", "Shanghai search taobao贵族宝贝" search results disappear.

Webmaster Tools query, wheat bags pr=6, love Shanghai weight 8, from a numerical point of view, definitely belong to the high quality website ranks. Here we see the love of Shanghai wheat bags weight changes, as shown in figure read more

Shanghai dragon training often six things do you remember

fourth: the Shanghai dragon Tao, achievement dream

for the first argument, I want to say is that the training institutions when you certainly not for money at the beginning, one is to win your trust, two is his profit is not in the beginning, he will give you some knowledge of the operation, such as the content of the preparation techniques, such as the chain release platform classification then, for you to arrange some homework, let you go to practice, yes, in this issue, they are mainly through simple training, to everyone as their free labor, then do some time-consuming but low technology, after the training cycle is complete, you will attend the training class it has nothing to do with them. read more