Keywords ranking dropped solution

? 1,

4, Shanghai algorithm is there a change in love. When love is ready to introduce new Shanghai algorithm, ranking on the site there will be a big adjustment, this impact on the site is large, if not the site itself, that is love in Shanghai according to the new ranking algorithm caused by shock, the webmaster of this case is not have to worry too much, to continue to do a good job the current work can, after one or two days will gradually stabilize, restore the rankings.

3, website updates. The content of the website to do is always the user experience of this piece, there are certain requirements for the quality of the content, once the low quality content may also be punished by a search engine, or update the content without the rule, Gesanchaiwu even at different time to do a small part of the update, let the search engine to guess your site will be search engines ignore. Therefore, the solution is updated regularly, preferably quantitative timing to deliver high quality content, at the same time the number of the chain will have the law, daily published a considerable number, don’t appear today a few hundreds of tomorrow. read more

Think of the update from yesterday PR PR construction is a continuous process

second, PR distribution for link weight, until now, when the PR is more and more widely applied to link transactions, the sale of a large number of the chain, black chain, etc. link information, these have been flooding in our life in every part of each day to see, buy and sell links to news links after all, let us move, but still want to consider the effect of the PR PR, part of the concern is how to better understand the meaning of PR, a large number of outbound links on the site after all or very negative, also affect the existence of the PR concept, link is a guide, more is the next step to fight the noble baby the large number of outbound links and may have links to breeding suspects, after all outbound links so that se can be directly determined types and main points of this website so as to make a judgment, cherish self The export link has, is now the specific things that should be done. read more

Large website effect oriented ideas and practices of Shanghai dragon core

if the website of Shanghai Longfeng expectations, only in the stable flow on the basis of Shanghai Longfeng, it is best to have a slight increase, then the post edit for method to obtain traffic is good Shanghai Dragon – stable, do not need more cross sectoral collaboration, the risk of small advantages can be reflected.

determines the flow, the more optimization, regardless of success or failure, is gradually approaching the ultimate goal, to achieve the goal is just the time length.

if the target is a day on average daily flow of 100, still can copy the previous batch method, for ten days each edit article can be released ten. read more

Love Shanghai share can get the data that will have a great influence on the rankings

now love Shanghai share through such a long time, and believe in the love of Shanghai sharing function more and more perfect, the user can check the data. So I think it will have a beneficial effect on the ranking, can return data to know your share has no value and meaning, and not just look at your share number, because if you just look at the number of words that share is very easy to cheat. It can check the amount of migration situation will be completely different, because although you can share, but can not bring traffic, so your site is not to promote ranking, because if you did not bring traffic to share the significance is not so large, the value will not be so big, for will not affect the ranking to promote what is more terrible, will provoke reaction then trouble. read more

Love Shanghai grassroots webmaster how to deal with the snapshot to go backwards

three, the website internal problems (like Shanghai snapshots back one of the reasons)

four, external links (love Shanghai snapshots back two reasons)

website optimization is on execution and mentality, and I as soon as possible in order to improve keyword rankings lose mentality, into which to move this evil. Here I remind you to do SEO mentality must be correct, otherwise it will boomerang. Thanks to A5 for platform support: please indicate: 贵族宝贝>


as soon as possible in order to improve the site keywords ranking, I use hand a point resources to their site to do a bit of one-way links, who knows those are one-way links yesterday to get rid of people, also can’t let people know this thing, this is really dumb, say that read more

The page loading speed is how to influence the effect of the Shanghai Dragon

3, the speed of the page load affects the

1, the speed of the page load affects the pages included

why web page loading speed effect on the ranking? In fact, I think the impact is not directly, but indirectly, we know that the search engine has been put the user experience first, search engines want to survive, it is necessary to use it, that is to say, it is necessary to provide its users with high quality and related content, but the speed is very slow or not open the site, is a serious impact on the user experience, such sites, search engines will not put its ranking on the front, and the speed is a indicator of website quality, Google has made it clear that they are the speed as one of the ranking factors. read more

The webmaster how to improve website user experience and value

search engine every day search site, when the search engine every query, it returns the search results is the user demand for a resource. When the user needs to be sure, "is to generate better value, this is the love of Shanghai to do now to help users improve the user experience, or provide it to the needs of the user experience and value of" now have been more and more attention to search engine. Is now the webmaster next how to do one of the website.

some time ago to have data, divide the national Internet traffic, has been divided into Three Kingdoms respectively is love Shanghai, Taobao, Tencent of the three Internet Co, why their traffic can be so big, that is love you more users to buy things, such as Taobao, do not know what love Shanghai, watching the news, watching events Tencent news, they are loyal users. We do, too, to have more loyal users, or have more potential customers. Some time ago I see A5 has such a situation, as shown in figure read more

Love Shanghai ranked some intuitive factors

1) love Shanghai snapshot date


every day we will site our website to view a snapshot of the update and included the love of Shanghai, why, in order to use this data to try to understand the love of Shanghai changes to our update and weight, if every day we update, but snapshot love Shanghai did not change, it is proved that the weight of our the station is too low, or is our station is not normal, the ranking will be affected.

2) love Shanghai included the proportion of

we look at our own love Shanghai updated snapshot, we can understand the love of our Shanghai included friendly degree, we can also see the love of others in Shanghai updated snapshot, which helps us in exchange Links have a reference, of course, this is only one, when exchanging there are a lot of friends of the chain need to refer to the parameters and data, this can be a more detailed understanding of the ghost off the Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝welmkt贵族宝贝, but also illustrate some of the ways we exchange chain in the ghost off Shanghai dragon blog, I hope useful for everyone. read more

How to deal with the site to be search engine punishment


but don’t forget, this is only in theory. If you encounter is a soldier, a soldier of the savage and absurd you only zirendaomei. The search engine of artificial intervention is such a soldier.

how to do?According to

principle, in theory, even if it is a heinous crime, heinous website, as long as time, there is a fish, delivered from oppression of the day.

to Zhicuojiugai website, welcome love the sea. The search engine company will have a perfect process, regular automatic web spam detection, most fixed cheating on the site, it will automatically lift in the observation after the expiry of a certain punishment. read more

Thoughts on Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranking fluctuations

recent days, website ranking fell to second from five pages, it can be seen that the "love Shanghai" when the bad temper, how to adapt to her occasional temper, I want to share a few points about love Shanghai fluctuating advice, is to give yourself the next week from the actions of a plan two is the hope that the experience, can help those due to fluctuations in depressed peers to establish confidence.


at the same time, we are also looking forward to Google PR to update the next time, for the new station is encouraging, sometimes feel as if there is no PR, Links especially hard to do. read more