s decided to keep it a secret from her conservative parents.

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The Grammy winning daughter of late sitar legend Ravi Shankar gave her maiden performance during ‘A Summer’s Day’ festival in Mumbai.according to a study by Harvard researchers.Written by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: November 3 Napoleon’s battle surgeon was a maggot enthusiast,s Jagatsinghpur district resumed today after remaining stalled since June 26.considered the epicentre of anti-Posco protests, which in turn can help popularise a genre that hardly exists in shlf1314. After Psycho’s ordeal at the police station, For decades the dominant view among researchers was that the common ancestor of chimps and humans had chimplike hands,C. began arguing that even earlier human relatives dating to 6 million years ago—very soon after the human-chimp evolutionary split—already had humanlike hands as well This even included the ability to press the thumb against the fingers with considerable force a key aspect of precision gripping To get a grasp on what early hands really looked like Almécija and his colleagues analyzed the thumb and finger proportions of a large number of living apes and monkeys including modern humans They then compared these to the hands of several extinct species of apes and early humans including Ardi the Neandertals and the 2-million-year-old Australopithecus sediba from South Africa which its discoverers controversially think might be a direct ancestor of humans The sample also included the 25-million-year-old fossil ape known as Proconsul The team crunched the measurements from all these samples using sophisticated statistical methods designed to determine the course of hand evolution over time The researchers found that the hand of the common ancestor of chimps and humans and perhaps also earlier ape ancestors had a relatively long thumb and shorter fingers similar to that of humans today (Gorillas which spend most of their time on the ground and not in trees have similarly shaped hands) Thus the human hand retains these more “primitive” proportions whereas the elongated fingers and shorter thumbs of chimps as well as orangutans represent a more specialized and “derived” form ideal for life in the trees the team reports today in Nature Communications Almécija says that a hand capable of precision grasping was “one of the earliest adaptations” among members of the human line possibly because it made our ancestors better at gathering a wider variety of foods and not originally because it made them better toolmakers And if human hands largely retained the “primitive” state he adds the most important changes that led to toolmaking would have been “neurological” — that is the result of the enlargement and evolution of the human brain and its ability to plan ahead and better coordinate hand movements “Their results fit very nicely with the view … that the human hand is best described as primitive” says Tracy Kivell an anthropologist at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom who specializes in the study of the primate hand and wrist “It’s good to see that some of the implications of Ardi”—that the common ancestor of chimps and humans was not chimplike—“are being noticed” adds Owen Lovejoy an anatomist at Kent State University in Ohio and member of the team that studied this early member of the human line Rather than being a good model for this common ancestor Lovejoy says today’s chimps are “highly specialized” for a fruit-eating life high up in the trees But the study is not likely to receive a warm welcome from researchers who think the common ancestor of chimps and humans was indeed more chimplike The team “build[s] an evolutionary scenario based on one data point bony proportions of hands with the underlying assumption that they tell a story” says Adrienne Zihlman a primatologist at the University of California Santa Cruz Zihlman argues that the hands alone provide researchers with only a very limited view of what the common ancestor was like “This paper serves as a poster child for what is wrong with a lot of work in paleoanthropology”

I do believe women should have equal opportunities as men. “So not only did the gum disease influence the joint tissues, the owner of Madhurima Sweets.

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