fourth: the Shanghai dragon Tao, achievement dream

for the first argument, I want to say is that the training institutions when you certainly not for money at the beginning, one is to win your trust, two is his profit is not in the beginning, he will give you some knowledge of the operation, such as the content of the preparation techniques, such as the chain release platform classification then, for you to arrange some homework, let you go to practice, yes, in this issue, they are mainly through simple training, to everyone as their free labor, then do some time-consuming but low technology, after the training cycle is complete, you will attend the training class it has nothing to do with them.

fifth: the teacher taught, not heavy, until he learns

third: through the enterprise, contract

for the six words above, we are not feeling particularly familiar, if participated in training or for the attention of my friends will find more than six kinds of argument is some institutions often use the official language, and the real meaning of what is behind them and listen to the grilled steak?.

rich Internet

sixth: efficient learning methods, get rid of all the useless

on the straight business is better to say, because of Shanghai Longfeng work is in a second tier city to find, and some of these optimization companies recruit people, the reason is very simple, hard and.

execution is not enough!

employment security, the basic 4000+, this sentence is very attractive, because most of the city, Shanghai Longfeng employees starting salary absolutely not so high, some even 2 years can not hit this level, and the training institutions out of that name, one is to attract people’s attention, two after the training we reach this salary level that is the

second: employment security, salary 4000+

where there is demand, where there is market. With more and more friends to join the webmaster industry, I would like to bring to the Dragon Shanghai training market opportunities will increase a lot, although I do not engage in training, but the training industry more or less and I now live in the industry has a point correlation, especially for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon special attention since more grassroots brothers don’t believe optimization mechanism, but feel more reliable to use, so this has also formed the optimization performance of the company declined and training agency members soared an awkward state. But we must pay attention to, with everyone for training to enhance the heat, some organizations in or directly into the in order to gloss it over to deceive the people of training institutions, the end result is that the money is spent, what did not learn. And they often use a variety of gimmicks to attract people’s attention, I will check them often use the title.

: the first free training class

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