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4, Shanghai algorithm is there a change in love. When love is ready to introduce new Shanghai algorithm, ranking on the site there will be a big adjustment, this impact on the site is large, if not the site itself, that is love in Shanghai according to the new ranking algorithm caused by shock, the webmaster of this case is not have to worry too much, to continue to do a good job the current work can, after one or two days will gradually stabilize, restore the rankings.

3, website updates. The content of the website to do is always the user experience of this piece, there are certain requirements for the quality of the content, once the low quality content may also be punished by a search engine, or update the content without the rule, Gesanchaiwu even at different time to do a small part of the update, let the search engine to guess your site will be search engines ignore. Therefore, the solution is updated regularly, preferably quantitative timing to deliver high quality content, at the same time the number of the chain will have the law, daily published a considerable number, don’t appear today a few hundreds of tomorrow.

site is substantially changed. Recall that before the decline in ranking on the site did what changes, for example, whether the site did change, whether the structure has changed, whether the site migration, if you have done these changes, you should check with the display of the pages of the site, to see if there are any error pages and timely change, if the page showed normal structure for revision of the information submitted to the Shanghai love time, next is the patient optimization, observe the change of time.

in the optimal way, keywords ranking is the most concern of the webmaster, ranking changes, estimate the first thing to work every day is to open the computer to view key words no way, this is the webmaster of work habits, but these rankings fluctuations often will affect the webmaster mentality, especially when changes greatly the webmaster, how to do

when the webmaster see keywords ranking drop, the heart will certainly be distraught, but it must have a reason to exist, the webmaster to do is calm, do not be styled, an antidote against the disease can relieve the crisis. First is to analyze the reason and find out the solution, and then take measures. Small odd billion network optimization based on the experience of their own the following solutions:

2, whether the site is down right. Usually this is the case, in the exclusion of substantial changes to the website under the premise, probably is right to be reduced, and therefore the first to determine whether a site is down right phenomenon. Method is to use the site command to look at the site in front of the row is not on the front page of the site, if not, it is right to be reduced, then the owners will be vigilant, check the cause is right down the chain, including cheating, content and site does not match, Links is right down, robot.txt can be used to suspend the search engine on the web content does not match the crawl, clear the garbage chain, delete and other methods to solve Youlian right down.


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