second, PR distribution for link weight, until now, when the PR is more and more widely applied to link transactions, the sale of a large number of the chain, black chain, etc. link information, these have been flooding in our life in every part of each day to see, buy and sell links to news links after all, let us move, but still want to consider the effect of the PR PR, part of the concern is how to better understand the meaning of PR, a large number of outbound links on the site after all or very negative, also affect the existence of the PR concept, link is a guide, more is the next step to fight the noble baby the large number of outbound links and may have links to breeding suspects, after all outbound links so that se can be directly determined types and main points of this website so as to make a judgment, cherish self The export link has, is now the specific things that should be done.

yesterday in July 18th, at the forum to see the noble baby PR update, this update can say that time is really short, but this time the update I remember a friend’s website at the forum, one from PR4 to PR3, PR3 to 2, PR2% 0, it is puzzled, but I stand PR from 0 to 2, not talk about this update, PR changes and form may has been with us for a long time.

first, yesterday PR update from the last update time is very short, have to say is a very strange thing, and this update is to undertake the last, and not as a separate update, take my own station as an example, the last update PR4 directly into the 0, but this time from the 0 into 2, itself is a difference, it will write an article carefully, this PR update from time to time, soon added last not updated the data, or directly adjust the link weight PR interception time after the PR update, is based on the link and the link to the entry into force of the PR time is grasped in a period of time, is not immediate, this also explains the importance of the Shanghai dragon. The construction of the chain need stability, not change radically the chain construction.

PR update, pregnant baby yoyo, when the nobles regularly update when we ran out of the face, the more calm, remember in the noble baby said, noble baby to link trading abnormal offensive, and now a large portal gold chain link sale area, etc., are rising, is in order to earn a little money when the link, HC PR by 4, and that what? PR value is reflected in where, so the author according to their own links to tell me about PR.

again, the meaning of PR, when the PR update once again when we treasured, many website PR value down by 1 points, where is the problem? Where is the meaning? From the above, one is the export link, on the other hand is the links between the 2, since this >

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