if the website of Shanghai Longfeng expectations, only in the stable flow on the basis of Shanghai Longfeng, it is best to have a slight increase, then the post edit for method to obtain traffic is good Shanghai Dragon – stable, do not need more cross sectoral collaboration, the risk of small advantages can be reflected.

determines the flow, the more optimization, regardless of success or failure, is gradually approaching the ultimate goal, to achieve the goal is just the time length.

if the target is a day on average daily flow of 100, still can copy the previous batch method, for ten days each edit article can be released ten.

But if the goal is to enhance the

most of Shanghai Longfeng know many Shanghai Longfeng method, and then to optimize the website, on a page to see the past, see which pages lack some of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng elements, the existence of which the so-called Shanghai dragon hidden…… In a nutshell like flies in a disorderly bump, bump on the is luck.

The effect of Shanghai dragon

(800 of the daily flow of Shanghai Longfeng upgrade requirements for large web sites is more common. If millions of daily flow as the base, if an upgrade is expected to be 30%, the average daily is decomposed to 822)

so for this kind of situation, large sites have higher expectations of Shanghai Longfeng flow, such as the UGC website to consider how to make each UGC content, bring more traffic information websites to consider how to use structured data to generate the page to bring more traffic and so on, the method probably won’t work on human.

the most core is: first to determine what kind of flow, and then consider in order to obtain the flow, or need to add what page optimization.

Whether If the


every day flow 800? Continue to copy the previous method, to find the 80 edit? This post becomes more and more effective.

under different environmental conditions, the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon may be different. In most cases, the core index of flow is used as the quantitative effect of Shanghai dragon. But sometimes it may not be, such as turnover index, may also be taken as the core index in Shanghai Longfeng company.

but no matter what the situation, get traffic is always the core part of Shanghai dragon. However, how to effectively enhance the flow of the

simple example:

if the target is a day on average daily flow of 10, the method is very simple, a Shanghai dragon experienced editor written ten articles on the site can be.

is not dependent on a dozen of the world

daily work, in the face of.

to the final goal to determine the ideas and practices of


is the way, is the most important part of the decision of the Shanghai dragon level quality.

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