now love Shanghai share through such a long time, and believe in the love of Shanghai sharing function more and more perfect, the user can check the data. So I think it will have a beneficial effect on the ranking, can return data to know your share has no value and meaning, and not just look at your share number, because if you just look at the number of words that share is very easy to cheat. It can check the amount of migration situation will be completely different, because although you can share, but can not bring traffic, so your site is not to promote ranking, because if you did not bring traffic to share the significance is not so large, the value will not be so big, for will not affect the ranking to promote what is more terrible, will provoke reaction then trouble.

love Shanghai sharing out for a long time, remember when just launched a beta version of the official Shanghai love even openly said that will have the advantage of rankings. Only later because of fear of being the Shanghai dragon Er cheating no say so, but I believe that is good, just when the performance is not obvious, now this function perfect. A few days ago I looked at you can find the data, you can view the share volume and return flow, believe in love once Shanghai gets the data after the data will be used for ranking. Because love can be said that the Shanghai ranking mechanism is very simple, is to rely on the data to rank well, may obtain data and the ability to analyze data is insufficient in Shanghai just when the share, the anti cheating function is not perfect, I believe at the time for the influence of the rankings should be small, but it is not the same.

we need to consider is the power of social media, because love is to share Shanghai to share these social media up, like a traditional type of company itself influence in the community to help the. For example, your company online is a well-known company, a micro-blog acquisition of all fans, renren贵族宝贝, happy net also has a large number of fans. If this is the case, you only need to provide high quality website content, and then share these social media. If you have a group of loyal fans, so I believe that will bring enormous flow back, once the data has been love Shanghai records, believe that this site is high weight website.

I can even prophetic, like this powerful fixed user groups, and share the content of the website and users together the site in the future only need to provide good content. Do not need to consider the chain of these small problems, because social media is a very important feature is that communication is very strong, this time what is truly reflected in the content is king. Social media is very important for the promotion or whether Shanghai is the dragon, I hope you can see through the love of Shanghai to share this layer, if the author of this judgment is right, then we should be.


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