three, the website internal problems (like Shanghai snapshots back one of the reasons)

four, external links (love Shanghai snapshots back two reasons)

website optimization is on execution and mentality, and I as soon as possible in order to improve keyword rankings lose mentality, into which to move this evil. Here I remind you to do SEO mentality must be correct, otherwise it will boomerang. Thanks to A5 for platform support: please indicate: 贵族宝贝>


as soon as possible in order to improve the site keywords ranking, I use hand a point resources to their site to do a bit of one-way links, who knows those are one-way links yesterday to get rid of people, also can’t let people know this thing, this is really dumb, say that

Links plays a very important role in website optimization, which can help you can also make you bad. So I carefully examined all the Links, see each other’s website snapshot is normal, there is no right down, but all Links website belong to normal, it is not Links problem.

I often say to stabilize external links, increase the number of the chain should be gradual, but he himself has made the extremely serious mistake. I usually issued by the chain number is ten to twenty, while the last light in the Forum on the ten chain is good new registration, in the evening I also registered some Links platform, plus A5 published articles needed websites, the chain number is about two to three times the usual the.

five, one-way links (love Shanghai snapshots back three reasons)

, check Links

two, the server problemsThe

server, open server poisoning is one of the important indexes of love Shanghai snapshot backwards, so I checked the server logs code (the poisonous spider here), carefully check the website source code, without any suspicious traces found out server problems.

before the Spring Festival, I do a healthy type of website, because of my care website soon was collected, and the festival site snapshots and included are good, almost overnight snapshot, most of the time is every two days. But this morning I see a snapshot of your site actually back to January 25th, it is beyond my contrary to expectation, but I was very calm, will do detailed analysis of the website.

from the site after (including the frame, structure, title, Keywords tag, description tag) I have not moved, but the usual site update has doubled. Usually I update daily five article, and last updated at least ten articles, because I feel now in love with the sea to content is king decided to update the keyword ranking, ranking can quickly go up. To this day Shanghai snapshot backwards, his approach has problems, increase website content should be gradual, not anxious.

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