3, the speed of the page load affects the

1, the speed of the page load affects the pages included

why web page loading speed effect on the ranking? In fact, I think the impact is not directly, but indirectly, we know that the search engine has been put the user experience first, search engines want to survive, it is necessary to use it, that is to say, it is necessary to provide its users with high quality and related content, but the speed is very slow or not open the site, is a serious impact on the user experience, such sites, search engines will not put its ranking on the front, and the speed is a indicator of website quality, Google has made it clear that they are the speed as one of the ranking factors.


2, the speed of the page load indirectly affect the ranking

when the user through the search engine to your site, if it is found that the speed is very slow to open, or can not be opened, it is possible in a few seconds off your website, at this time, your bounce rate is very high, the bounce rate of your web page in the search engine results in the search engine can be monitored, the high rate jumped out of the site, the search engine will think of the value of the site the user is not high in the rankings, corresponding not to give a high ranking.

web page out rate

sometimes we do Shanghai Longfeng, too focused on the chain and in the chain, that tend to ignore the Shanghai dragon around the content, such as web page loading speed is easily neglected by most researchers in Shanghai dragon, although it looks and the Shanghai dragon did not seem related, but in fact it’s influence on Shanghai dragon very large, much larger than you can imagine, why do you say, because the page loading speed, will not only affect the user experience of the website, and in the important part of each Shanghai dragon, speed and play an important role. We mainly from included, rankings, and click start.

if you look at the regular search engine principle book, or Google webmaster guidelines, you will find the page loading speed, how to influence the website included, when the search engine along the link URL to crawl your site, it must first download your entire web page, and then will be removed noise, to stop words, word segmentation and indexing, when the search engine to download your web page, if the speed is very slow, or "slow almost open, you said it will continue to waste their time on you here crawl? You know, every day to crawl very much", if your pages load too slowly, or even open, it will be shallow crawl or simply leave your site, which can determine the speed of the page load on the included or very large The influence of. It has been advocated to streamline the code, with CSS, with JS, is for is to enhance the loading speed, from the included web site optimization.

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