search engine every day search site, when the search engine every query, it returns the search results is the user demand for a resource. When the user needs to be sure, "is to generate better value, this is the love of Shanghai to do now to help users improve the user experience, or provide it to the needs of the user experience and value of" now have been more and more attention to search engine. Is now the webmaster next how to do one of the website.

some time ago to have data, divide the national Internet traffic, has been divided into Three Kingdoms respectively is love Shanghai, Taobao, Tencent of the three Internet Co, why their traffic can be so big, that is love you more users to buy things, such as Taobao, do not know what love Shanghai, watching the news, watching events Tencent news, they are loyal users. We do, too, to have more loyal users, or have more potential customers. Some time ago I see A5 has such a situation, as shown in figure




two, improve the quality of website content

said the content will be unique, I personally on the mobile phone to watch the news, often on the UC browser to watch the news. Often see the title sina贵族宝贝.cn written appeal, the content is different, it is to seize the user group psychology, users feel new things will click to see. For example, A: I write the title: "Google returned to the Chinese occupation of the search engine market" B: I write the title: "how to make a website" the same writing source, then the click rate will be higher than the latter. On the "Google returned to the Chinese occupation search engine market", I only heard, do not know is not true, it is not known, heard Google back to China, believe that most of the webmaster very happy.

, how to make users more love you

see, webmaster will be on site, so A5 has become owners of loyal customers, or potential customers, this is it a success. The popularity of the website, and their users have a great relationship.

three, the title and content to the unique


four, use a good tool for


we need to consider a web content resources, what the user needs, you can give it to the resources, so that the content from the site to the quality. We see the A5 home page to see, some promotion content, the content of promotion to the home page, it is what the users want, it is interested in A5 will bring it to the. The next will continue to improve, as long as the quality of website content, it often, and become your loyal users, the search engine will naturally love the A5 station, so that the quality of website content is very necessary to improve, it will retain users.

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