1) love Shanghai snapshot date


every day we will site our website to view a snapshot of the update and included the love of Shanghai, why, in order to use this data to try to understand the love of Shanghai changes to our update and weight, if every day we update, but snapshot love Shanghai did not change, it is proved that the weight of our the station is too low, or is our station is not normal, the ranking will be affected.

2) love Shanghai included the proportion of

we look at our own love Shanghai updated snapshot, we can understand the love of our Shanghai included friendly degree, we can also see the love of others in Shanghai updated snapshot, which helps us in exchange Links have a reference, of course, this is only one, when exchanging there are a lot of friends of the chain need to refer to the parameters and data, this can be a more detailed understanding of the ghost off the Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝welmkt贵族宝贝, but also illustrate some of the ways we exchange chain in the ghost off Shanghai dragon blog, I hope useful for everyone.

3) love Shanghai chain number

we all know two important methods of optimization in Shanghai love is to update the content and increase the chain, then why should we do that, we do the two things in order to produce what kind of results so as to affect the ranking of the love of Shanghai, this issue is more complex, although we seem very simple, but we do know that the Shanghai dragon, this is behoove, so we in-depth consideration, here are what factors affect the ranking of love Shanghai, some factors today we discuss the influence when we do the Shanghai dragon to visually see the love in Shanghai ranking.

we all know, "content is king, the chain is the emperor", I’m not here to illustrate how the chain is important, although it is indeed very important, I just to let everyone pay attention to the love of Shanghai ranking factors, anti chain strength is strong, no matter what we do, as long as the down-to-earth to do the chain, will be more or less some achievements; for the love of Shanghai anti chain queries, we can love Shanghai domain life.

or site command, we can use this command to see the love of Shanghai on our website included the number, and then calculate the ratio of the collection, resulting in the period of love in Shanghai on our website friendliness and weight information, convenient for us to adjust the proportion of course included can also reflect the love Shanghai some information on our website weight, if we will update the article every day or will be updated once a week, but we will find the love view included Shanghai included a small number, which shows us the quality may not be very good, then we should make timely adjustment.

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