recent days, website ranking fell to second from five pages, it can be seen that the "love Shanghai" when the bad temper, how to adapt to her occasional temper, I want to share a few points about love Shanghai fluctuating advice, is to give yourself the next week from the actions of a plan two is the hope that the experience, can help those due to fluctuations in depressed peers to establish confidence.


at the same time, we are also looking forward to Google PR to update the next time, for the new station is encouraging, sometimes feel as if there is no PR, Links especially hard to do.

next week on the job, due to the absence of the "four" Qingdao network company gimmick, asked and no PR, Links is generally difficult to do this, we mainly want to the original as the main direction of further optimization and improvement of the content of the original non stop.

keyword has dropped to 17, ranking for thirteen

from the original 贵族宝贝qdxin贵族宝贝/article/wangzhanyouhua/196.html: please indicate the source.

3. Links: Wednesday night, our website was secretly under the chain (this is immoral), so we can delete the link to each other, probably in this crucial period will be friendly to love Shanghai.


OK, we talk about yesterday’s rankings: Qingdao network company ranked fourth, it is the result of 22 days of our website, some little pride, oh, but unfortunately today rank:

The analysis of The

analysis of 2. opponents: a few days ago, we focused on our competition before the three to do the analysis, found that their weight was much higher than we, PR mostly above 3, and we regret that we thought love is PR=0, Shanghai is not very care about PR, but have to say, PR a lot of things is not low us.

.We have done a The analysis of

4. snapshot: This is my personal guess, love Shanghai last week to update the snapshot from three days ago, may be the site of the original is not very timely, lead spider came to lazy, a snapshot of a slow decline seems to be the precursor of ranking.

analysis: love Shanghai love Shanghai Thursday morning to temper fluctuations, we just last week on Thursday, according to past experience, this Friday, there will be slight fluctuations, we will wait and see.

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