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Zuo Zhijian: the moat of content industry is human, just like the chef of a pop restaurant. The value of the content producer has been highly undervalued and is now entering a reasonable pricing process.

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difficult moment: the financial crisis so that 58 city almost bankrupt

Yao Jinbo, 58 going to market chairman, CEO. In 2005, Yao Jinbo created a classified information website, 58 city classification. In 2010, Yao Jinbo and other people founded the big school education listed in the United states. In 2013, 58 city listed on the New York stock exchange. 2015, 58 city strategic shares Ganji net, the completion of the merger. "Technology is a stepping stone, and more importantly, the ability to tell stories."." Yao Jinbo said: "it will tell stories, that is, to describe your dreams vividly, to make people stay with you, to make people like your products better and to like you more."."

in fact, 58 city in 2008 or so has reached 10 million class UV. But at that time, Internet thinking was not universal

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"leadership, I have to study hard."." "80" is today’s headlines CEO. In 2012, Zhang Yiming created the Beijing byte Beating Technology Co., Ltd., hoping to improve the way people access information through technological innovations. Today’s headlines without editors, not production content, the operation of the core is built by the code algorithm. In addition to technology, cognitive judgment and the ability to form a team are needed." Zhang Yiming says.

Zhang Wei: the content of entrepreneurship in this industry is no road running, there must be no road ready, so we look for a thing, go their own way. Standing at this stage to see the future, there is no way to make sure I am right, only believe or not believe.

Zhang Xuesong: I think UGC is a false proposition. UGC more interest, entertainment, participation, PGC has a clear interest oriented, seemingly non-standard, in fact, standardized production. Producers, for example, have begun to move closer to PGC. And the main Internet content platform on the market, the main business model is PGC.

Li Xiang: content company if there is no moat, is it a process of constantly making smart to make the next explosion or popular products?

, shy and inarticulate, is the image of most technical men in the public mind. But when they steer a business, the inner universe will explode with amazing power. This issue of "entrepreneurship in China", Hai Quan brought you closer to the 58 market chairman, CEO Yao Jinbo micro-blog, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming, see how they face the company financing, development difficulties and other sharp problems.

What’s the moat of the : detailed below:

Tencent Technology China venture team reported on February 3rd

different from today’s mobile Internet fast iterative development, Yao Jinbo has just come out in the era of entrepreneurship, "ten years" is a company from zero to a necessary time. "In 2008, when the financial crisis broke down and the money was gone, the company was almost transformed or closed. "In retrospect, there were a lot of wavering ideas, a lot of fear," Yao Jinbo recalled in the show.

anxiety too

shared by the "closed door" on the content of Entrepreneurship Forum was compiled, thanks to four guests sharing: the new world founder Zhang Wei, "Li Xiang" produced by Li Xiang, the commercial reference information, Shanghai’s Zuo Zhijian Abas CEO culture media founder Zhang Xuesong, and host Li Feng. The guests discussed the three topics for more than three hours. Yesterday we pushed the first part of the discussion: how to operate the whole network. Today we continue to share second topics: what is the moat of the content company?. I hope it will help both content entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are interested in content start-ups.

is shy and inarticulate, which is the image of most technical men in the public mind. They have the core skills, the ability to execute and overcome problems, but a little stiff in social, expression and other aspects. Two guests are technical men today to "business" in the China exception, on the one hand, they have the technology obsession; on the other hand, they are also the "master of the house", in finance, decided the direction of enterprise development and other key point, plays an irreplaceable role.


Li Feng: in principle, almost all service industries have only one moat, which is the reputation of the brand. Because the service is transmitted through people, it is very bad, standardized and difficult to manage. In essence, it is the mobilization of subjective initiative.


Li Xiang: after graduation I started doing a series of media, newspapers and magazines, trade magazines, fashion magazines, last year we Li Xiang commercial reference, is holding the idea of the experiment, to see beyond the previous business model, the content is there a new possibility.

content company,

, I’m intimate with the main points of the article

Abstract pioneering China third on-line, 58 go to market chairman CEO Yao Jinbo, today’s headlines CEO talk about how to face the company financing, development difficulties and other sharp problems.

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