starts two months to make a profit,

is making a profit by charging users for two months on the line. Of course, that is because the expenditure is very small, "Zhang Yang in an" entrepreneur "interview, said:" we rent is a two bedroom house, rent 3800 yuan a month, in addition to rent expenses we seldom eat. Later, more customers, we have also recruited customer service, market personnel."

August 2013, the music takeaway just started online, there will be paid users. Le takeaway’s current business model is to charge service fees to merchants through selling products.

lead: businesses using Le takeaway can build a meal ordering system based on WeChat public accounts, and customers can order by WeChat. At present, there are more than 18000 businesses.

below, I will through a document download process to analyze the mystery of this. When a users need a software, to sh419 search for "the name of the software," sh419 list appears a lot about the related software download software, at this time, the user clicks into one website, this website will have a flow, at this time, "often pop up a new the window, this is the so-called pop ads, as long as the bomb, the webmaster has a revenue almost 4 yuan per 1000; there are some active for the visitors to click on advertisements on the page, there is a common shlf1314 advertising alliance is our common" ads provided by shlf1314, sh419 alliance " sh419 theme promotion and other affiliate advertising, these ads are just click, basically have a small income, less a bit more than a few dollars; when you start to download a lot of information. Source download station set up a trap, but also after you click a file to download, but you are not to download the file you want, this is the website promotion software, if you do not install the download is OK, if you install, owners have an income at least one installation a 0.05 yuan; when you download, the so-called special link selection, at this time, the webmaster income began, now many people have love with the thunder download files or express software, when you download, click special chain carrier, at this time, there is the webmaster the special chain revenue, almost every 1000 times is 5 yuan. File download finished, all right? No, you just download finished sometimes webmasters can earn money! Do not believe? Well, you can watch, you download the document format is not many of them are compressed file format? Why is this? Is easy to download exe format directly? You can also download ah! Or package to download multiple files? Are they? That is easy to download as it is on the one hand, that file, package >

The opening of the

WeChat platform has led many people to focus on entrepreneurial opportunities in this area. Zhang Yang, the founder of the takeaway, is one of them. Zhang Yang wanted to start a business when he was in school, but he never got the chance to go to the thunder company for two years after graduation.

with the computer into every household, with the rapid development of the network, the use of computers is also more extensive. The installed computer system is like a clearing, in this area, we have to plan it, design it, and call it better for us. No matter what we do, we have a number in mind. We can use the computer to surf the Internet, do picture design, do e-commerce, and even replace what we usually do. We can work, play games, listen to music and watch movies. It can’t be separated from network and resource download. This time, a resource download class site was created.

and promotion, music take away mainly adopts two kinds of ways: one is online promotion, through sh419 keyword ranking, online post publicity >

through music takeaway, the store can be established in WeChat stores, consumers simply pay attention to the store’s WeChat public account, you can browse the information of goods and stores, and easy orders. Stores can view orders through GPRS wireless printers, merchant APP, SMS, mail, WeChat and other ways, and provide customers with the appropriate services.

Le takeaway mainly has two kinds of pricing schemes, one is the charging time, can be on a monthly or annual quarterly, mainly for single takeaway businesses; one is to order charges 1 cents a orders, mainly for the operation of the public accounts in the school students entrepreneurial team, they put around the school. Store in their public accounts to promote, through with the business extraction commission to profitability, there is a kind of society on the company to run errands or takeaway delivery team, they are generally a public account has multiple shops. It is reported that the end of June this year, the music takeaway added a number of shops annual pay plan.

in April 2013, Zhang Yang listened to a lecture on the WeChat public number, inspired by the idea that he thought of taking out and thought it would be convenient to order takeout with WeChat. Just do it, from the beginning of 2013 April, the development of the WeChat music takeaway ordering system "by Zhang Yang in his spare time for three months, the use of WeChat music takeaway businesses can build a public account ordering system based on customer, WeChat will be able to sweep gently meal. At the end of July 2013, the basic functions of music takeaway perfect, Zhang Yang from the thunder left full-time venture, set up in Shenzhen city enjoy fast Technology Co. ltd..

as a download, especially free download station, how to get a return from the service for the users? Some say download station advertising, so, I can certainly tell you, these ads for these resources download station webmaster, is only scanty. The real money to earn is earned from the experience of net friends.

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