third is recommended to use the pseudo original articles, the first method is not recommended, because the search engine is artificial, not a fool. A >

More than second

false original article

network editor is a very important part in the Shanghai dragon, and is a very basic part, if the web editors do good, will play a significant role in the whole station of Shanghai longfeng. Shanghai Longfeng network editors in network and is significant for the editor there is a gap, pay attention to the optimization of the content is more, rather than the content itself, how to reasonably arrange the long tail keywords, good articles within the chain, which is the title of Shanghai dragon network editor should do. Below I simply say that I think the Shanghai dragon network editor how to update the article.

maybe you can write directly from their absolute original articles about, but because the network company general like Shanghai Longfeng net exposure to type the need to update the site many, cross server industry is very big, so the original article is usually false choice. In fact, if false original to a certain extent, write the article is original, I this back in again.

through the article extraction points, then rewrite. This is my present in the use of the method is to get a quick look at the article again, know the general meaning of the article and the core points, and then began to write their own. This is the one I mentioned is the pseudo original articles do original method.

about this, in many ways, as long as there is a good effect, can be good pseudo original article. Below I will simply say several methods on.

conversion. This is a lot of years ago may be effective, but now is the basic method of paint. Is to use software or artificial experience of similar words, and then change the order, it is simple and fast, but the effect is not big, do not use the recommended.

how to false original article

will override in your own way. This is my first introduction to web editor when they use the method, very practical, very simple, beginners can start from the web series.

Synonym Select the

is selected as the method of pseudo original object of the article are many, generally have direct counterparts in the website, their company’s Web site, search engine on this several. The front two not what to say, I say the last one, this is a kind of I think it should be very good method, find out the long tail keywords you want to write, a search in the search engine, you can find a lot of related articles. In addition, because Google than love Shanghai more powerful server, you will find many articles from Google love Shanghai but not included, of course, may also be included not, anyway, this kind of article is as good as the original object false!!! Hey, of course you know,, false or false, just a little pseudo.

The original

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