then someone said, then, that I went to study the search engine rules well, once I mastered the rules of search engine and grab row >

I do Shanghai dragon is left, and is a do not know the procedure of Shanghai dragon, nature, mind does not have too many restrictions and fetters of theory. Naturally, it is the information about Shanghai, save a lot, such as what the "Shanghai dragon combat password: 60 days of site traffic increased 20 times", what "106 search engine core algorithm, 99% of the people are not your competitor", and even love the official release of Shanghai "Shanghai dragon based guide". "Love Shanghai SEO Guide 2 official version of the" Shanghai dragon and so on a lot of information, I can tell you that I don’t have a perusal of these data, most didn’t even open? Of course, I am not saying these data useless, if you can get a thorough understanding of and completely in accordance with the method do Shanghai dragon and the author did not cheat you or keep the search engine algorithm did not change the situation, the effect is obviously some. Just a matter of time. But obviously, you don’t have much time and opportunity to try, search engine will never change. Of course, when the failure will also have a lot of excuses, you say a step not strictly in accordance with the instructions to do, for example, the search engine algorithm has changed, but the biggest reason is: I’m afraid you don’t have much of a chance at the site is down right or even K risk to try the correctness of the theory, especially when you have a boss when.

this example meet the eye everywhere. Do not believe you to grab a few Shanghai dragon so-called master or master to ask: now Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon should do? What about outside the chain is effective and high weight? The answer is what "content based, supplemented by the chain" and "what to the high weight of the platform to the hair pay attention to the quality and quantity of the chain, like the official reply. You can’t expect to get a clear path from their Shanghai dragon mouth, unless there is a Shanghai dragon master to paid or the free heart pointing to your confusion, or you may wish to change a statement, and ask whether they contribute to the chain A5 site and Chinaz site from which a good may get the answer.

Shanghai dragon will be more or less have such experience: in the face of a theory or a set of Shanghai Longfeng complex know how to start, finally managed to read about, but its core content is not completely understood. For example, love Shanghai original spark program, we have to understand the original web content of the original, but also love Shanghai explained that we are wrong, then this "original" in the end what? After a long and minute statement a chase only vague concept let their own webmaster to appreciate, as you want to get this the original is the content of a site, or related to the website design website program itself, which, go to sleep, you can not get the answer.

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