"content is king, the chain for emperor" I agree with this sentence, only eight words to say the essence of Shanghai dragon. The above is the first said, now we are going to talk about the site outside the chain.

website every day

Forum: 2. The forum included the timeliness of the post, and the appropriate leave a link. Also can use character signature in the forum site, to the top of the paste or the post manufacturing chain.

4: buy links. Link now very awkward, it is grey black and white. However, if you buy links properly, then on your site’s ranking is also very helpful. < >

the Shanghai dragon ranking or to the construction of the chain, because of the high quality of the chain still plays a decisive role. The construction method of the chain currently has the following:

3: Links. This link is recognized by the search engine, because it is more natural. And the website for related theme exchange website Links.

1: blog. The use of the platform of the third party blog articles left its link. Other conditions can also build their own independent blog to keep standing, such independent blog than the third party blog platform effectively.

website "soul" as everyone knows that is content. Not the content of the website is like a dead-alive person in general. In order to make the Internet users rely on love on your website, then every day to provide fresh, original, readable articles is one of the core work is essential.

Er is most concerned about their own core site keywords ranking, at least two times a day sooner or later. May your mood will fluctuate with the ups and downs of the web site keywords ranking.

for the website to vote

how to make web site keywords ranking stable? I believe this problem is absolutely the most Shanghai dragon Er most concerned topic. Shanghai eusci dragon will talk about some new experiences of their own, and we explore and research. There are 2 stations in my hands, the 2 station core keyword "Zhengzhou psychological counseling" and "Zhengzhou website promotion" in the first three positions remain home for almost a year, so don’t just talk about their own views.

second: every day looking for high quality

Shanghai dragon

: the first injection of fresh blood

said some people a few years do not update the contents of the enterprise website ranking is, why is this? There is indeed such a situation, some companies because their website is mainly some company, enterprise culture, products, contact us and other content, rarely available updates. This search engine can understand, so for these sites, as long as your architecture, reasonable layout, a long time will have a good ranking, if the forum effect can be updated on a may be better.

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