provide competitors did not provide functions or services, it is best to provide some competitors unable to provide the service, this is the core competitiveness of you, if you can provide the service or function of others can not provide, so no one can steal your users, your website user experience is naturally high, user experience good after your website ranking will go up, after the high ranking your site users naturally more, your site will enter the Matthew effect in benign.

direct questions or increase the corresponding communication function in the website, users can ask questions according to their own circumstances, between the user and the user can better exchange of experience, users should also have to answer.

is a query for the next few days or a period of time or their relatives and friends and fortune that day is a lucky day. This is a very good fortune, Feng Shui sites generally such basic functions are available, but they will be in a very prominent position.

finally remind: the future is the mobile web site in the world, don’t forget to enter the field of mobile deployment ahead. The webmaster can go to a small free, free fortune telling website.

second, and other sites, you have to attract the attention of customers page, simple and convenient navigation can let customers quickly find what he wants.

we again from the user’s habits, users of our website is generally divided into two types:

?We start from the user The rise of

two is to query that happened in the past few days. Or what that dream. We can take this as the key to seize the user, increase user viscosity and depth.

with the development of the times and the Internet, more and more fortune Feng Shui site also will be established. But how to let customers find our website has become the biggest problem, many sites do Shanghai dragon, the effect is very good, but after the user experience is also included in the love of Shanghai search engine ranking results, the effect is not so good. So how to do a Feng Shui site user experience

fortune and Feng Shui is a special industry, people hear the word always give others a religious feeling, one of the fortune teller and Feng Shui are very often China old industry, the industry today fortune also into the Western astrology, and young people are very keen on this.

Feng Shui site itself. First of all, your site must be professional enough, especially fortune Feng Shui industry is a very rigorous industry, you must let the customer feel that you are very professional, if you give the user a very amateur feel that your website has already finished.

is the most direct and simple to use, similar to the Duke of this kind for the user query function of the website, the best to allow the user to quickly find and their related or similar content.

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