recently had a very boring thing has been plagued by rose, because my blog in the record by the relentless storm hit, before the record is placed in the space inside the earth seems to be like an opportunistic, but the result is to make his painful consequences, in the first time I blog days not open, no way had occasion to go abroad. But has been unable to restore the fate of K, now my blog before the only K home page is not left to now distressed people, but this pain will really know why we hurt.


2, put forward reasonable site restoration method


A, no revision of the website, especially the website program, also want to change the fine-tuning, such as site logo so ugly I want to change a good point, but also into the theme of the site.

face down the right site, how do we do this? A lot of people do, actually if you sober, can quickly cut out 123, quickly find a solution, as for the latter effect that depends on how hard you work. The face of everything we should first analyze the reason, and then find a solution, finally to implement some of your ideas correctly. Site drop right is the same, three routine operation is the following:

site is down right, is afraid of the right down the website will waste us a lot of time and energy, we are all smart people, do any one thing, than people can do, I must do, but if right down to spend more time to recover it is worth the loss so, to find out the site right down to why we should find a reasonable way to restore the site quickly.

B website, but there is no record at home, leading to the site open. The site open will generally lead to a search engine on a website for punishment, of course if you can quickly solve the open problem that is not what a big impact. No record is a big problem, recently a lot of websites because the record is not standard closed, I also considered one of the search engine to a very bad impression.


analysis to find the site right down to


B, website of domestic good record, that is to go abroad, foreign space is sometimes not very stable, but the speed is pretty good, in addition.

C, long time no management website. Because a lot of things recently, for the management of blog is much smaller, we look at my site inside the know, general is every day before the update, now almost half a month did not update.

a website is not It is without rhyme or reason. right down, my rose. The blog is right down the main reason there are three points:

In fact, we are not afraid of the

A, website done revision, and because the idea is not mature, the revision of the times more frequently, I think this is the main cause of blog is right down.

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