concentration is the essence is the removal of some side miscellaneous seven Ma eight things, let most people’s way of thinking, emotional identity collected to summarize embellished will become a good keyword. For example, you pay attention to people ride keyword optimization, you can write the Beijing train to Anhui Beijing to Nanjing train query, query, can be written in one place to another.

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we all know that the Internet in recent years China and all over the world are developing rapidly, the company will have to invest in advertising network, making all kinds of website layers is not poor, so there are a lot of small companies, small self-employed and public education services, will also carry out propaganda on the Internet, has reached the idea, the spirit spread out to all these accelerate the development of the Internet industry, is a powerful role in promoting, so where there is a market, where there are sales, there is promotion. In the promotion we have to say is the key, is the key to the keywords, high generality and practicability. The following A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team on the diagnosis of keyword promotion talk:

earlier I also talked about the most important point is the key to key words, that is directly related to and you want to promote content, so the reader in the search is more easy to search, for example, you do MP3 music, a song in your keywords cannot is this song the name, because when a lot of people don’t know what is the name of this song is to search for the song, we in the choice of keywords when it is necessary to consider the "default words" promotion, in the song "the most unusual folk style", if your keywords are you is my most beautiful clouds in the sky. The reader does not know the name of the song, when he search mostly it will search what your purpose is achieved, in the forefront of the search engine is a very easy thing.

first of all we want to know the definition of key words, in fact he is a foreign word, is translated word, vocabulary of Library science. Keyword search is one of the main methods of web search index, the specific name is hope visitors to understand the product or service or companies and other terms. He played a significant role in the promotion of. Normally, you enter a search keyword is the text in the box, also is you ordered search engine to find something. You can order the search engine to find any content, so the content can be Keywords: name, website, news, novels, games, software, horoscopes, work, shopping, paper etc.. For example, you can search the car, the page will show a lot of news about the car, you can search the NBA page, NBA will show the latest dynamic analysis, now if input have the NBA draft the personnel, the big star of the transaction and so on, you can enter any content will have some answers back to you. Keyword search, can obtain more accurate and more rich search results.


concentration is the essence of


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