search is directly proportional to the flow rate, it is a truth of love in Shanghai has been that the webmaster optimization. We continue to rely on the love of Shanghai mining index, analysis of the site, we always think that love Shanghai high index word search volume so get traffic is great, but in fact, there is not such a relationship between the inevitable.

had to admit that the domestic users of love Shanghai trust degree is very high, leading to love Shanghai love Shanghai PPC advertising and related products will intercept part of our site traffic, the user clicks on the ad or PPC is in love with marine off production.

(2) just to see the rankings. "This kind of word area + Shanghai dragon" is now a webmaster do regional optimization of business competition, but this kind of word search volume every day is not cheap, but you will find that when you have this kind of word "Shanghai Shanghai dragon" do the home page, the site for users to search traffic is still sparse, just in order to see the ranking.

love Shanghai products

what is the invalid search? What is the impact of the search will be invalid? As above are listed in the example, causing no click search purely invalid search, invalid search will make the love Shanghai index is high, but the traffic or traffic is low. The reasons for this are two:

used to browse

PPC, block

(1) and the user demand far. The search after search results and the user wants is not met, such as users to search the "Black Panther", the Panther car to collect some information content just maybe it wants, but the search in the search engine results, Panther animal love Shanghai ranked in the first place. This is obviously different and needs of users, so users do not click.


invalid search

for a simple example, a keyword, love Shanghai index is 255, which is equivalent to a search word of 255 users in 30 days, but this does not mean that users will click on the word, as long as it does not generate traffic, traffic is zero, then what is causing the search and click on the disparity of the reasons are as follows:

click on the highest heat is the "F" shape, but this is only for foreign users’ traffic habits, domestic users would also like this? In fact, the user clicks is random, more biased in favor of transverse random beats, different users browsing in different ways, the possible flow will be different that is not necessarily the row in front of the site to get traffic is large.

we know that SERP has 10 different is, coupled with the side of love Shanghai promotion list, a search engine home page is only about 15 list, how do you users will be 100% on the first site? A search for the search results page click heat survey as shown in Figure:

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