Compared to the ten major search engines

only dripping blood, no happy life

in December 4, 2012, I wrote an article "on the ten major search engines" domestic articles on the ten search engines in China, including love Shanghai, soso, Sogou, Youdao, search, search, search 360 immediate, noble baby, Bing and YAHOO (search and so on line on December 18, 2012, launched later in this article it does not appear on the inventory).

(1) in September 16, 2013, Sohu announced that the Tencent to Sogou inject $448 million, and its search, input method and other business integration into Sogou, means that the establishment of 7 years of the death of soso (industry rumors Sogou new beauty, many are from the search, even rely on the powerful Tencent) Empire, it it fell.

I describe this search engine is: only the dripping blood, not a happy life. Look at the "dripping blood".

and take in 2012 and now, dead, wounded, not many survivors, "Gouhuo" a lot. The search engine is a very high technology content of the products, but because it can be called the "Internet entrance" products, it brings the flow of dividends, and other products can not be compared.

(2) in August 3, 2013, it announced a strategic partnership with 360. A web, video, pictures and news four channel full access to 360 search results. The user search content on a search, will be ">

said 2 of the Internet era has passed, now is the mobile Internet era, such as whether the general Internet 3 castles in the air or a new era of mobile Internet, search engine plays an irreplaceable role, but now the search engine is still stuck in the 2 mark, do not keep up with the pace of progress of Internet.

search engine is "backward" aside, and practicability, which to a certain extent, to be stronger than electricity providers, social networking. The Internet progress not because of individual users not to use a stop, instead, it is like the rotation of the earth, slowly changing, change but it gives users the feeling is not very strong. The following 2013, some changes in the search engine makes a summary as follows:

in the Internet search engine with pragmatism, social, electricity providers are the first three. Return to the Web1.0 lack of information era, the role of search engines is not obvious, the reservoir information can also satisfy the users in the Web2.0, the proliferation of information era, the role of search engines is very large, the amount of information has been changed from "reservoir" to "sea", tool users urgently need to search engine like for users to find, such as "needle" as the needs of the user’s own information in the mass information.

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