1. core product service + brand name, generic model

services in different ways, the potential user oriented groups are not the same. Take the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng site for training, some to undertake Shanghai Longfeng business, so we need this kind of keywords to make clear the goal of enterprise.

2. core product service + business model

this is a somewhat offbeat long tail word, but the effect is very good. Because of the versatility Chinese, many different keywords represent the same meaning. For example, custom and custom, and buy Qiugou such words, although some typos, but also not underestimate the amount of search.

What is

enterprise product marketing brand name + core keywords, is also precisely capture one of the long tail word potential customers. For example, Nokia mobile phone, IBM, notebook these words. If the need for accurate, it can be a IBM X200 laptop, Nokia N95 mobile phone.

how the combination of long tail keywords, which is not only the Shanghai dragon learning need to know, in the search engine pay promotion, combination of long tail keywords will also to the enterprise marketing plays a very good help.

4. core product service + enterprise

6. core product service + search intention

business model is the wholesale, agent, join, sales etc.. Enterprises in the SEM, because the business model limitations and cost factors, is certainly hope to find more accurate potential customers, it can use the long tail word core product service + business model. For example, mobile phone sales, oil wholesale, clothing to join, when potential customers according to their intention to search, can clearly find the corresponding enterprise information.

the long tail word comparison in some convenient service of enterprises in common. For example, the Canton Fair booth rental intermediary, Guangzhou housekeeping center etc..

, how to use, how to find these are commonly used Internet search intention. For example, a potential customer needs to do the search engine promotion, but he does not understand, so he may enter the " search engine promotion, or how to do " one never participated in the fair, but want to show customers, he may enter the " where to find Fair booth; " " &> Canton fair notice.

5. product service core word + word typo, abbreviation

when we do SEO optimization, usually choose to do a commercial value of the keywords, a keyword index must have love in Shanghai, after much thought, because if elected to a good directional flow of keywords and long tail keywords, competition degrees and small, so for us the benefits are very good

3. core product service + Service

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