most webmasters in the ask registered account will answer the question, crazy crazy hair the chain, not a day to ask the account found by the title. So I said in front of Shanghai dragon is a patient living, working slowly and deliberately, eat hot tofu. Now someone will ask "what should we do", is a policy of so-called ", there are countermeasures". Ask the audit system to know love Shanghai still very loose. I will be in the form of time in detail about the promotion of skills and experiences.

early site we have neither the funds nor the high weight of the site do friends chain, how to make the site quickly indexed by search engines? Most people do is to go to each big BBS, love Shanghai know, SOSO ask the hair of the chain. Well today we "pig" is to ask the SOSO angle. Please go to SOSO to ask two registered account [do not speak today I love Shanghai because it will know, behind a more useful, limited to the length of a few days I will send a love Shanghai know promotion skills]

My site is

before that I do want to mention a bit, do not think Shanghai dragon is too hard, we will often hear in the search engine algorithm Moumou feel headache, actually not so. You have to think of the search engine is actually a program written by people, even if a search engine algorithm is very complex, but the brain think his answer is just a few seconds. So please just contact Shanghai Longfeng webmaster do not worry, Shanghai dragon is a patient living. Because you play but search engine, search engine will be playing dead.

if you want to know more about the search engine can find the mechanism of several books about the working principle of search engine. Good nonsense I do not say, I will just do a website through 11 video search to teach you how to make love in Shanghai included the number 1000+ in two weeks today, Google included 10000+, when because of the special nature of the site so it began to do did not do a Links. Now and friends also made a friends of the chain, you can go to see the SITE included the number.

look at the title and you will know that good! Is the real share, here I will not to say what the theory of things, knowledge of the A5 theory has many no more, I’ll finish the article with a real example.

and the movie, this is the first day I answer the question. With the mobile phone game [answer because I can solve some practical problems. "

first day: ask where the answer should be the first to answer some of the problems of no great importance to upgrade their account level, and in the middle of answering questions with the chain website some of their answer, this answer is hard to ask the administrator. The first day to answer the chain number of not more than 1/4 answer other questions.


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