4, see the spider crawling access log, check and crawl the page. Check the crawl needless to say, mainly to see the return status code, 200, 301, 404 and so on. Check crawl page, view it every day crawling is what page? And if you want it to crawl the page? Know the number and time of the spider crawling your site in the same site weight situation is similar, also said that if the presence of the spider trap in your website, so will the spider crawling efficiency greatly. There is a common situation, is a combination of screening conditions. The combination of these screening conditions produced large pages, and there is a lot of pages and no actual content. So the spider crawling large filter page, greatly waste time crawling caused useful pages included the opportunity to decline. At the same time because the page itself not what time content or repetitive content, so that even crawling will not be included.

The structure of URL

5, external links on the page of the weight transfer. External links can be a good guide to the spider "



2, a website internal structure smooth. When talking about the internal links before the striker also said, good internal link structure, can not only make the whole site reasonable weight distribution, and improve the chances of web pages are included. The internal links included in the most important embodiment is the spider crawling obstacles, while pointing out that love Shanghai optimization guide, spider crawling and consistent user access, it’s official, not the whole letter. Reasonable to spiders crawl, this is not cheating.


many owners often sites not included or included not ideal Fanlao, slightly more directly with "Baidu idiotic" of this mentality, not knowing whether the site is in your hands. Today and we exchange a few points about the website included welcome to exchange, qq281336241 forward wise remark of an experienced person.

1, the quality of the content before, stable update. The so-called world article a copy, plus on the broad and profound Chinese language, a word can be translated into ten words. Especially personal Adsense, a blog is almost all original, but individual stations are all original will be difficult, the striker didn’t feel it necessary. False original article, plus the relatively "punctuality Shou" update, this is the first hurdle included. Here is a natural point relative. Punctuality Shou is the update of the amount of time and quantity.

3 and reasonable. Now that the search engine has not even care about dynamic URL and static URL, but the striker felt dynamic URL simple URL is easily indexed by search engines. When we optimize a relatively large platform, it is easy to find. The following two kinds of URL structure, apparently the first to be included, and this number increased to 10000, which would you choose URL

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