so, there are some ideas: first, daily consumption not ah, the whole company waiting for business, a day earlier on a day earlier relaxed; secondly, the company is still the traditional love Shanghai auction + natural optimization model, it is necessary to news sources and Links; finally, to see many peer website ranking good, basically buy links, anyway, is not expensive. After communicate with your boss, began my road to buy links.

Tencent is an artifact ah, what can be found. This year the company by QQ eat countless, also find links to buy QQ. Add a few groups, contact a few sellers, look at the information, the heart is cold. How to say, most is on the line a year without a small website, not a lot of weight. A little traffic for 20 a month, if you have the weight will be higher.

see the title, some people ask: after the new algorithm love Shanghai green, Links important? I feel love in Shanghai is not weakening the friends of the chain, but stressed that good links with high quality correlation. Think of us, there is not a chain exchange QQ group or Xuanhua good advertising links; every day many people change Links everywhere; but those that lead to Links right down sir.

NO3: webmaster nets buy links

Thanks to ! What can buy Taobao

NO2: QQ Group buy link

Admin5, why chniaz, Shanghai dragon network owners and webmaster forums allow like-minded webmaster friends to gather together. However, stationmaster net is not a panacea, mainly because they do not have enough time and experience to examine the behavior of each individual. As a result, there are a lot of advertising.

summary, the sale of these Links individuals or companies, already is a complete industrial chain. The first station opened a group of servers in foreign countries, is the theme of the site news, and through technical means to brush PR and love Shanghai index, finally selling together. Such links even if it is to buy the effect can have many, not just bad "


is now the site optimization is more and more difficult to do, see a professional 8 years old webmaster spit bad can not find work, the spirit filled with a thousand regrets from their own reasons! Tone, every day outside the chain of high quality development plateau, website ranking did not change the nature of words? Tips: the work of the past few years is not long change, write the chain

No1: Taobao buy link

, Links much lower to 1 dollars 1, 100 dollars to buy 10 PR5 packages. In addition, there is every kind of package, more important is also the purchase records, to see other people’s comments. So I contacted a few shopkeeper, people are very warm and immediately sent to the website information. See, webmaster tools check, it is PR5: the website is the on-line weights for one or two months so high. Well, I dare say messy, do not brush, said this year PR did not update

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