don’t think that you will send the chain, understand 404 page is very cow B. Shanghai dragon master is very low-key, but for us is still far away, so we have to keep a humble heart. To learn more things. Shanghai dragon is mediocre but is advanced, worthy of research and practice. In fact, many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are not in-depth study of search engines, most of us only know to do so.

first: adjust your mind

Hello, yesterday wrote an article: Shanghai Longfeng workplace experience first quarter: a green hand, today continue to share some of the Shanghai dragon experience in the workplace, yesterday’s article is mainly aimed at just contact Shanghai dragon friends. If you have done Shanghai dragon for a few months. It may not help or what inspiration to you. The author is a "person" of it, A5 webmaster network reading Shanghai Longfeng technical articles friends certainly want to learn Shanghai Longfeng every day, or a lot of personal webmaster friends. Shanghai Longfeng entry is very simple, not so much to learn, for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners but is the content of the website and the chain. But to tell the truth, Shanghai dragon also need a little personal understanding. Some people learn a few months can learn about, and some people did a few years of external chain specialist, will only send junk outside chain. Well today is to share Shanghai Longfeng workplace experience.

comes to Shanghai dragon thinking can not help but feel it is empty, this need you to master the principle of search engine. When confronted with a problem, think of. Your predecessor or teacher can’t teach you experience, but you can watch others, imitate others. Shanghai Longfeng lot is to rely on imitation, but understand innovation to the most rare.

second: learn the Shanghai dragon thinking

second: keep a humble heart

Shanghai, on the one hand some skills and experience, on the other hand is the mentality. Often mentality is the most difficult to adjust, this is not only the novice, so the Shanghai dragon practitioners have to practice good mental quality, then the Shanghai dragon should have what kind of mentality? The author summed up in one word: static. Agitated state of mind is not suitable for Shanghai dragon, sometimes it’s a joke to have the spirit of ah Q. If you see your master for Shanghai dragon, or is your supervisor to see you a talent. The development of your future certainly is good.

many friends have made the chain for several months now, perhaps the chain for you without difficulty, whether the blog or BBS signature, or other types of external chain resources. Many novice friends will gradually tired of the occupation of Shanghai dragon is very simple, because the dull as ditch water. If you want to progress you have to learn your "master" or experienced veteran, in fact, there are still a lot of people are willing to share their experience. But suggest beginners pay attention to the following points in consult others before.

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