readers’ properties are largely determined by the content, if you write is a sensible article, then readers naturally stand in the perspective of rational and perceptual reading, the article can give a person a kind of "the mountain is not the mountain" feeling, because to facilitate better understanding perceptual in the article, the author found a very simple but full of sentimental articles in the online data as follows:


following the author again from the beginning for Shanghai dragon original article you elaborate on how to write a high quality, the word segmentation to understand, is the combination of the original "and" high quality ", so the first to talk about how to write an original article in Shanghai dragon. (only in Shanghai dragon industry for example, the method we can apply to other industries)

such a short story, it belongs to the writing method of sensibility, with interesting, after reading this story, different people have different views, the author to share with others when reading comments, for most of the answer is that the actor thought is still to go to the ward at ex-wife. Is the ex-wife’s name, not everyone will show the pain in the face, feeling that only you know. This is what the readers get from perceptual cognition in the story.

1.: the original purpose of the original purpose of the different, has great influence on the quality of the article, the Shanghai dragon Er, the biggest goal is the ranking and traffic, some write only I can see it, but some authors write the original purpose here is to share to everyone, so pay attention to. The connotation, the quality is not the same, so everyone in the original writing time, may wish to consider writing the original purpose of yourself.

the eve of the wedding, she died in a car accident. He has no tears, immediately put the busy work done after the funeral, meet new girlfriend work, get married soon. Dull marriage. One day, his wife in a car accident in hospital, he rushed to the ward, nurses say the person did not. He repeated the name, or not, with anger repeated three times, he didn’t sound. Nurse called him, he said, sorry, wrong. Then, the tears brim over with tears.

Shanghai dragon?

, how to write the original article

return to the departure day, has been in a state from the Internet, only in the evening tired open WeChat, the late most of the communication is how to write the Shanghai dragon high quality original article, want to write this article is three days ago, but has not got a good summary. Stop more blog for three days, but the reader like vampires, so there is a "perception" of the word before the idea, no matter how well written article, some readers think this is good, but also some readers say this is just a waste of time, so the reader feel are not standing in the rational perspective however, more is on the perceptual reading.

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