pages follow the homepage of a certain improvement, coupled with the advantages of flexible use and long tail keywords in the number of the page can be included to help websites, and reprint articles others if you can leave the link can help included words, is also the author of efforts, after all not a link to the station ang much loss, so the amount included in the inside pages is also very impressive, the Shanghai dragon optimization promotion is a broad land block can not be forgotten.

in addition to do optimization promotion, to provide services for other Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, let the customer understand the importance of the content page, create unlimited optimization effect by optimizing resource limited.

as the content page is to provide effective content and information for the user, and the user’s purpose too, then improve the quality of the content page and the original is a pure but no ground for blame, the original article may not be able to get good rankings, this time the question is what is to serve the users or submit to search engines become the source of contradiction, between the two is complementary to each other, the user wants to get the user information, search engine, Shanghai dragon Er wants to get search engine……

Effect of

content page user experience

was affected by the search engine ranking factors increase Shanghai Longfeng work more detailed, from buying the domain name to use unscrupulous divisive tactics increase the chain, from the simple website structure to consider by keyword, the user directly to the content of the page is onto the table in Shanghai has become a hotly contested spot a dragon er.

content page information transfer

The role of

content page optimizationThe weight of

content page information transfer more accurately, the content page promotion of broader scope, users see the content page is more likely, how to use the content page to retain users and successfully guide the user to understand the website, a business website will have the product page, the news page. These two types of content stations throughout the site 80%. The company’s product page is limited, the news page is infinite. How can we use the infinite space to the limited product upgrade its weight? What the company can provide the products and service can provide content page is the most users need to know about the product page is the last transaction, it is to know after the reaction, so do the information you have for this product sales promotion vital role.

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