this link is relatively safe, the general site is not deleted, but some websites if you do too much will be deleted, such as adding links too much, too obvious, do BBS signature on this website we can set him: "welcome to step on my blog www.***贵族宝贝" welcome to my www.***贵族宝贝 space to sit ", generally speaking this way is safe, because not too strong advertising taste; the best way is of course forum signature anchor text links, text can click into the connection effect is not so good, if you want to do a keyword ranking we only need to add this keywords URL:[url=贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝] [/url], BBS signature chain advantages are: easy and safe effect certainly also good.


article put links the effect of course is the best, but casually put in, the administrator will make sure you deleted, in order to make links have the chance of survival, I think some ways to deal with, I feel pretty good, first of all must be content with the column related to the administrator to read the article quality okay maybe see the link does not delete you, then the best to be a little more, ordinary people do not mind a long and minute statement read on, we only need to link.

chain is one of the important factors to enhance the keyword ranking, there are also many methods now released the chain, quiz, forum, blog, soft, management strategy has become more and more strict, we do not want others to own website casual link, and fell in love with the sea know, Soso Ask questions such as outside the construction of the chain increased difficulty, released today tomorrow but found this link has expired; NetEase and nofollow! Blog lead to the failure of the chain effect, a series of problems to the webmaster friends turned from side to sleep, the chain construction is more and more difficult as many webmaster recognized, in fact we found more difficult to send the chain site and its effect the better, weight is also high, the easier place to send the chain, is often no one management, no weight garbage station, so we should grasp the hair chain skills, let the chain is no longer difficult The following tips, to talk about the forum to do outside the chain of several must know:

skills The

forum links is also a good method to reply in general more, the administrator also can not see so much, unless someone reported, or generally will not be deleted, restore the forum can be made into the anchor text link, and can directly click on the plain text links, some of his reply cannot be set the anchor text links, reply is the best writing skills, a little more than one point, inside secretly put a link, this method is also good, if it is the anchor text link, font and other font a kind of color, others can not easily recognizable.

forum signature links

forum reply with link technique


content and link

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