Lin Degang:

well, I’m Lin Degang, chunshuitang fun supplies electricity supplier chunshuitang founder. Flower name spring uncle, pen name carry kitchen knife. I took Mr. Xu with a brick.

now it seems that the coordinator is a great prophecy than the octopus Paul. Sixth minutes later, Sun Zhengyi interrupted Ma Yun’s speech: "I don’t know what the Alibaba is, but if I invest 30% of the shares, you can talk about it.". How much do you want?……"

? pig?

"I don’t need any money. I just want to talk about the Alibaba."."

the following black Xu Xiaoping speech, the scarlet letter is Lin Degang speeches of brick.

venture capital lies in reducing risk through a series of measures, finding value, cultivating value, and finally achieving value and obtaining high returns. In the process of investment, due to strict audit scale is very delicate, so will still be manslaughter and wrong investment situation. To a venture capitalist, "nothing is right" is not applicable. The ups and downs of VC ECG are closely related not only to the nature of the industry, but also to the psychological endurance of individuals and even to the environment of the times.

Wu Ying micro-blog UT Starcom founder is a group of people inside. He recalls, when they are actually in the selection of investment projects, to call all Internet companies head to the office, not a Ma; the project time, some people are also famous for the first up, Ma back, "and he was also the most simple, is a broken jacket".

domestic fun electricity supplier chunshuitang founder Lin Degang today issued a strongly worded article, well-known angel investor Xu Xiaoping shelling. Lin Degang said in the article, because Xu Xiaoping remarks misleading entrepreneurs, he had to come out to refute. He implied that Xu Xiaoping had brokered chunshuitang acquisition Ma Jiajia powerful.

The following is the full text of the article

, Shenzhen innovation investment group, general manager of Beijing Tianjin and North China, Liu Gang,

‘s second thoughts on entrepreneurs

is the most important, the original contract talks time is 30 minutes, but when Ma Yun was waiting downstairs, coordinator, told him: "if 6 minutes after listening, we are not interested in you, you have what chance to leave."

The essence of

12 years later, China’s Internet has undergone tremendous and profound changes in venture capital, which plays second only to entrepreneurs, or even more important role. From the research center of hit group report, the number of China’s venture capital and private equity market LP has close to 5500, the RMB funds in the investment case number, the amount of investment accounted for 75%, 46%…… But Ma Yun’s 6 minutes this myth is still worth savor, because it is in many ways to meet the investment risk factors: be willing to participate in the combat team, a viable business model, a huge market space, the expected high growth speed will bring huge investment returns, and record >


second, do you know who Zhang Mengning is? I know how I admire you. I really don’t know, right? Raise hands again, thousands of people. Wake up Zhang Mengning in your heart, and I’ll tell you a case. On January 1, 2014, on New Year’s Eve, my dinner was with Zhang Mengning. Zhang Mengning had a pen name, Ma Jiajia. Yang Ning and I, his angel investor, and Zhang Wei, the entertainment factory, have dinner with him. Then I voted Ma Jiajia, when her valuation was sixty million yuan, Xu teacher can give a discount, I gave 300 thousand yuan, took a point. Why should I vote for her? I didn’t ask you exactly what we sell, and internal entire fund have also been many disputes completely against my tsuma Allison, then we open the contradiction, but I still insist to vote for him, why? I told you I vote for him, and I am proud of. Others accused Ma Jia Jia, you see you have nothing, suddenly famous. I asked you, what you have, why don’t you famous? Why don’t you know the market Xu since so good, why invest only a point stake? This seriously is not normal, angel round of investment at least 10 points is normal? Even joint investment or at least 35 it reminded me of the Shang Yang uncle – spring of the South Gate of the wood – Qin Shang Yang’s reform, as Lixin, offering a reward of 50>


12 years ago, venture capital is just in the China Internet micro-blog, when Ma Yun received the Morgan Stanley Asia company senior analyst at the invitation of Guta mail and keep the party, he was a bit lost, because the site has been filled with people of different colors, but not mail claim that "someone and you want to secret meeting". Is there such a secret meeting,

circle of friends by Xu Xiaoping in February 26th in the "2015 venture geek forum" entrepreneurial speech scraper, which has 1/3 sections on "CEO marketing ability" – this argument is God as correct. But the argument is "dismal business powerful Ma Jiajia is outstanding master must all learn marketing, sales of billions of dollars chunshuitang Lin Degang is marketing idiot everybody don’t want to learn it, I can say that this is the same argument

Abstract: as an entrepreneur and marketer of the adult goods industry, Ma Jia Jia is far from being successful. As an individual person as marketing targets, Ma Jiajia is successful, put in the first call hit West east.

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