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speaking of weight blog contributors, most of the webmaster think open room in the "four doors" in his blog, and then to send the chain, what else do not know. But the stationmaster you know what high weight blog? DoNews blog? Although master has not registered foreign, but the blog still has a very high weight, and the link is not prevalent, easier to get the corresponding weight increase. In addition to iResearch blog, most real personal column websites have independent blog, its weight is ideal, no need to die every webmaster staring at sina, and so on blog. Note: the column blog is more easy to get media attention, if to earn big.

, what can be done? For the webmaster, the first thought is certainly: increase the chain, improve the site weight, but in fact this is a very narrow understanding. Every day there are hundreds of different soft Wen was born on the Internet, is a web site and don’t they? In fact, some soft, in order to shape the corporate image and enhance the students, and some is a soft but others write soft, and the webmaster can see, wrote only a soft corner the industry of the iceberg. Can carefully observe the webmaster will find a problem: the articles in the most serious very unpopular website. Why does not involve any "commercial" webmaster will encounter cold? Is pure is wrong? How to make some further webmaster fly, a little experience might look as follows:

two: high weight blog contributor

three: text category selection

: a soft article submission platform

if you write Shanghai Longfeng technical articles, in addition to the estimated station.

is a soft text creation, how to make it to the value of the contribution platform is the first choice. In the webmaster circle, usually to the Webmaster: A5 Chinaz stationmaster net, the owners of the house, both have a huge popularity, even some websites simply acquisition rules here real time acquisition, so here is the webmaster for heaven. But in addition, the webmaster should do what, waiting for a reprint? As a webmaster if you often write articles, perhaps some of the "column" is not very strange, such as: DoNews, Chinese value, speed transit network, iResearch and so on, some of these is love Shanghai news source, if you can the news source of cast in place, a chain may arrive on weight to the general webmaster circle website link to bring tens of, because of the large portal will find the love from Shanghai news source.

station released article, get dozens of reprint is met, often because the article was reproduced many times and excitement. But in fact reprint articles, with original website links to information and how many? At least to shrink by 70%. How to make in the soft fly farther? We can’t change "not respecting copyright" impostor status, but it can expand the field of soft wen.

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