Sina, NetEase, like Shanghai TOM blog is a very high weight blog, the basic is included, and the chain of high quality, registered some related blog, can bring popularity of the website, and can increase the chain do not worry about being deleted.

chain can say is the soft chain means more practical and popular, a good soft Wen can bring hundreds of high quality chain for you; but now many people do not reprint, the chain address directly with the original article, so it is best to link directly with the inside, so that the outer the chain growth probability larger, but will not disappear.

forum outside the chain of nature is the most commonly used technique to do the chain, try to choose some of the more popular popularity, included a good forum, with the best correlation, professional; as we do Shanghai dragon blog friend recommendation in Shanghai dragon why forum above, the quality of the chain optimization, included too fast.


generally, home chain in more than 20 I rarely do friendship chain, unless some Internet Celebrities, such as Jiang Likun, Lu Songsong and so on, mouchangqing blog, leave the chain is, the general message in more than 40 blog pages, you like to stay outside the chain and meaning of

news website

such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent website news update frequency is quite fast, basically a few minutes an update, basically included up to 100%, can do the chain in the website, the website ranking is self-evident.

website links are less

eighth video chain

third, outside the chain of large


soft outside the chainThe

is to some government, education website and forum to do outside the chain, but this is very difficult, you can try, the spread of the Internet forum is not how government quality.

and strong correlation between keyword ranking good site, but the content of the website also must have certain relevance, do not do a " Wuhan Shanghai dragon " key sites, went to a " pig; " key site to do the chain.

sixth, the chain blog

to do a reproduced or a video with your own web site in the video, uploaded to Youku, potatoes, cool 6 sites, because the video file is endowed with >

fourth, the forum outside the chain


seventh, the

fifth, authoritative website

chain high correlationSome sites outside the chain of

I remember an article below, a friend asked me how to do the message, said the high quality of the chain, after all I have no authority. Today is my personal site outside the chain of experience and share with you, the specific content from the following 13 points: an overview

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