Is to simplify the structure of

search engine, which is sent to the search engine spiders are becoming more and more intelligent, so in order to understand the working principle of the spider, in order to better optimize their website, we must continue to study on the spider. Here, I and the basic working principle we simply talk about the spider:

site in this process step grab we need to pay attention to, those unnecessary, redundant code does not need to remove, because these will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the spider crawling. In addition, we need to pay attention to the things that are not recommended in the FLASH through our website, because FLASH is not good for spiders crawl, too much FLASH will cause the spider grab your web page to give up.

spiders crawl your site.

With the continuous development and upgrading of the The second step: the

this time we often suggest the webmaster for the technique is on the site more calls, these calls are the internal call sites, this approach is most webmaster choice, whether it is reading, or recommended reading, or other like rankings……

spider crawling your site work ", finding the right resources.

spider it has a characteristic, that is his trajectory is usually around the spider silk and go, and why we will search engine robot named Spider is because of this characteristic. When the spider came to your site, it will follow the link in your site (the crawling spider silk), so how to let the spider can be better on your site for crawling has become a priority among priorities of us.

of course, this is not absolute, is a relative thing we said, two articles under the same conditions, the quality of the original article more.

The third step

spider work: high quality articles, can greatly improve the chances of spiders crawl the page.

The first step:

guide the spider crawling this is just a beginning, a good start means that you will have a high starting point. Through the chain of their own design, which does not exist in any corner of the site, the spider can easily reach every page of the site, so that the spider in the second step of grasping time will be less.

what is the chain for the emperor or the contents of the emperor this is not important, we are not here to discuss things, but just from this sentence we can clearly know the importance of the content. Similarly, the spider is also very important content, a high quality original articles can be very good to impress the spider, let the spider climb again just can not wait to bring it back. On the contrary, a copy and plagiarism, to the article, is likely to need to be repeated several times, the spider crawling even dozens of times could bring it back, and is very likely to simply ignore its existence.

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