search engine traffic how accurate? It is starting from the delivery of key words, we mainly emphasize the long tail keywords optimization in Shanghai dragon, because of long tail keywords search target accurately, landing page information matching degree is high, resulting in a good user experience, with the increase of the conversion rate. There is no exception in the search engine advertising, we try to long tail keywords, its low cost and competitive strength is small, but we need to slowly accumulate in the analysis of the usual data, long tail keywords blue ocean tactics is always a topic worth exploring. How to use the data to do the long tail keywords, the author will come in time to share with you.

2, search engine traffic precision

understand the business strategy of the hospital

every day to spend the money, where the money generated, how many times the number of appointment consultation, patients must form a complete set of statements, easy to adjust the search engine advertising strategy. A report directly determines a S>

medical network marketing has been more and more recognized by the hospital in recent years, due to the network media marketing cost of marketing cost, search engine advertising has become the main channel for hospitals to carry out network marketing. How to use the limited advertising budget, to achieve the maximum return on investment? Today I in 6 years of medical experience in network marketing, how to do search engine marketing advertising.

is a sophisticated SEM specialist and novice SEM specialist, in the same budget, the same keywords the rate of return on investment is completely different, the reason is that the advertising copy writing skills. Ordinary advertising spend 100 yuan in exchange for 50 hits, and excellent creative advertising can get 70~80 clicks, click to lower the average price. How do you do this? We still need to start from the search keywords, visitors pay more attention to cost you in the creative advertising and the target page more prominent preferential information. Visitors are more concerned about your reputation, in advertising and creative target page reflects the competitiveness of the hospital, and the formation of differentiated competition.

any marketing needs into the phase and enterprise itself, when you truly understand the brand positioning of the hospital after the written advertisement must have the connotation of the brand in the. For example, the hospital mainly in the public image is dominant, if you in the advertisement to write a painless 600 yuan contract, enjoy 30 percent off preferential treatment of cervical erosion. As can be imagined, a little bit of cognitive people feel a strong commercial marketing in which not only wasted a click advertising costs, but also allows visitors to obstruct the hospital image positioning. Especially in the last year, Jocie Guo after the incident, the public image of the brand side will be more or less affected, because the hospital to do public service, we must first reach an agreement with the local Red Cross association.


4, the data analysis of priority among priorities

3, to attract users to click on ads

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