1, flat

station link optimization

, vertical

vertical type (tree structure), compare the content of this structure more website is divided into a plurality of columns in the root directory, basically every program has its own independent directory stored content page. Vertical type structure is convenient for management and maintenance, especially the portal, many classification, the use of vertical structure of the site management is very convenient, but the search engine included content will be relatively slow, deep page. For example: 1, the root directory column content page 2, the root directory column two column * Columns page, so try not to use "root directory column two column * Columns page" directory too deep.


This structure is suitable

, a website structure

website optimization, is the key link, the internal layout positioning process: – select the appropriate program – how much of the contents of the selection of the site of the station structure of each function by Shanghai Longfeng elements, so the key lies in the idea, the station optimization should be made by the website structure, internal links of thinking.

CMS system and imperial dedecms website, the basic use of the breadcrumb navigation, such as: Home – News – News – "" domestic title ". The navigation structure is very clear to users that now where users open at any time to back up a layer or the top. The webmaster can too much, too deep in the website column level can refer to bread crumbs navigation.

3, the content page keywords link

navigation links

content is relatively small sites, such as blogs, enterprises and so on, a lot of single page optimization, basically flat structure, is conducive to the search engine spider grab and included. More content website because more content, the static page generation in the root directory will be a mess, but also not maintenance.


general navigation links in the header, the navigation links a link mode or connected to the column classification. In order to beautiful pages, navigation with pictures or Flash animation production, this will make the search engine spiders crawl difficulty. Therefore, to avoid the use of navigation chain animation and pictures to make navigation, suggested to use text anchor text navigation links.


is a free open source content system, all these modules.

2, breadcrumb navigation

4, the sub navigation chain module

done within the chain webmaster all know, do the link, in the article contains words such as: home page optimization of the word "Shanghai dragon", to the front page links in the article appeared in Shanghai dragon, or the no way these keywords in the site template content page add anchor text keywords, but not over the same word in the article add links, no more than 3 times.

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