many grassroots webmaster, early in the site are more or less by some not to their website development method, brush flow, hang spam links, this most are done, but do you think how to do, don’t think that you do, the website will not be sealed or included only is strange. As a webmaster you step by step to put the site to the right is the kingly way. This article source: L-carnitine ht> price

black links with the chain, the new station is not many people are willing to exchange links with you, you do not believe, go to the next black chain procedures on the Internet every day to find others website vulnerabilities, hang black links, so that you will have a good fruit to eat? You go to the Forum every day, Bo the chain hanging on his guest, the content is all advertising, do not delete the chain delete you who, even write high quality articles, you also don’t write advertising. There are some people, all the ads hit to fall in love with the sea, love in Shanghai know ask inside, in the love of Shanghai Post Bar, hair own site links, so your website into the blacklist sooner or later. Love Shanghai blocked your website as well as the future of

site building structural problems, some novice in the establishment process of the erection site structure is not very stable, the content is tedious, looks concise, this website once loved Shanghai included, change is not good, so do website structure, choose a more familiar with their own program to do is key.

as a webmaster know, the site is not easy, to do a website is not easy, if the search engine can be immediately included in the website, this is a good web site, and there are some new sites, set up not long, directly blocked, this is the most depressing thing. Why would be blocked, there are some new sites for the sake of money, a few dollars to buy a domain name, the web is not stable, every two or three days open, coupled with the promotion, this website is not blocked, what web sites are blocked.

too much and update all by copying. A website if the title column, all make key words, this leads to key words too much, not suitable for their own web development. Some owners take the easy way, copy the web content in some weight high website, finally paste on your website to do this kind of thing is simply a big fool, the content of the website is the first people love Shanghai included, you to copy and paste, what is not likely to be silly, do not one or two days what to do, for a long time, the search engine is to find your trouble sooner or later.

domain name weight is not very high, the server is too poor, there is a part of the webmaster in order to save money, just buy a domain name, so that we can save money and can build a website, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Do not know is that the domain name weight is too low, the construction and development of your site is not very good, there are some people, the construction site don’t know where to find the server every day, not open, so, who get into your web site.


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