here refers to build blog, is built with software group blog, mass blog, and the use of the mass, imagine the following domain: suddenly a large number of very low weight blog links, search engines will applaud or take a vast, call you a slap in the face.

in the military website issued an article on how to dispel the effect as can be imagined.

I like

query site outside the chain and say, Public opinions are divergent., said bad, but using the website refreshrefreshes query page is not stopped, method of manufacturing chain in large quantities, absolutely belongs to the search engine in the provocation.

, outside the chain of tools on behalf of

this article by bending machine die feeds.

Two, build blog

three, forum signature

this link is through some software, on behalf of web pages to be released, the link itself has no meaning, just hope that through this link for keywords bring certain weight and ranking, but now the search engine is very hit this garbage outside the chain.

said the major difference in high quality links and link spam is a is the heart, one is lazy. I hope you novice webmaster in operation, can be appropriate to refer to the above content, to avoid misunderstanding of the chain.

five, a large number of query class site outside the chain

the author has been engaged in Shanghai, more than two years, the poor quality of site outside the chain also has some own opinions. So what kind of links will be referred to as bad? What kind of links, will be right down, and even love Shanghai by K? In recent days summed up several main garbage outside the chain, with pictures. Please look down

four, the poor correlation between the link

forum signature is the author had never touched, the reasons are as follows, and no correlation between the weight of the site is very low, the algorithm has been updated to love Shanghai.

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